Young: Oh, my

A guest column from prolific Rio Grande Valley environment writer and researcher John Young.

Further to the Rio Grande Guardian International News Service news article, “NextDecade hosts stakeholder appreciation and FID celebration reception.”

Oh, my. No public announcement about the status of Rio Grande LNG’s project lease agreement with the Port of Brownsville. Has Rio Grande LNG been able to sign a twenty-year project site lease with the Port? Or is it still making quarterly payments to the Port to maintain the terms of the Lease Agreement.

Oh, my. no mention about who will do what if the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) sticks to its position that Rio Grande LNG must COMPLETE its Emergency Response Plan (ERP) and Cost Sharing Plan (CSP) to FERC’s satisfaction.

Before FERC will issue a letter authorizing Rio Grande LNG to proceed with its site preparation and construction plans.

Based on FERC’s 04-21-2023 modification and tightening of its 11-22-2019 Permit for Rio Grande LNG to build and operate at the Port of Brownsville.

Despite ’Rio Grande’s 05-18-2023 acceptance of FERC’s 04-21-2023 Order stating that: “RGLNG hereby accepts the Remand Order, as well as its modifications of Environmental Conditions 53 and 54, and introduction of new Environmental Condition 144” (…).

Rio Grande LNG wants everyone to think that FERC is being unreasonable: “Rio Grande LNG, LLC submits Three Month Updates for Emergency Response Plan and Cost-Sharing Plan for the Rio Grande LNG Project under CP16-454,” 08-18-2023,….

Even though it was Rio Grande LNG that failed to carefully double-check how FERC’s 04-21-2023 Order changed the rules of the game.

So far, Rio Grande LNG hasn’t shown itself to be reliable and responsible enough to be entrusted with the building and operation of a huge 27 MTPA LNG export operation at its present project site location at the Port of Brownsville, about six miles from the SpaceX Boca Chica Starship manufacturing, testing, and launching operation.

Editor’s Note: The above guest commentary was penned by Rio Grande Valley environmentalist John Young. The column appears in The Rio Grande Guardian International News Service with the permission of the author. Young can be reached by email via:

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