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School officials: State of Texas is shirking its responsibility for public education funding

MISSION, RGV - Property-poor and property-rich school districts in Texas are in agreement: the State of Texas is abdicating its responsibility when it comes...

Hours before her collapse in U.S. custody, a dying migrant child’s condition went unnoticed

WASHINGTON POST: Twenty-seven hours before she died at an El Paso children’s hospital, 7-year-old Jakelin Caal walked across the U.S. border with her father and...

Paredes: Our No. 1 concern is the well-being of poor students in K-16 system

MCALLEN, RGV - Texas Higher Education Commissioner Raymund A. Paredes said he wanted to get an important point over to the people of the...

Apple to build $1 billion campus in Austin

CNN Business - Apple is putting more detail on its plan to create 20,000 jobs in the United States over the next five years. The...

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