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Rios: If elected, Biden should set up Presidential Commission on 2020 Census Undercount

The decennial census is the basis upon which this country allocates its two most important resources: political power and federal funds.  Therefore, an accurate census count is basic to...

Cuellar: We Democrats want to bring earmarks back in January

MISSION, Texas - U.S. Rep. Henry Cuellar says House Democrats could reintroduce earmarks in January, something the Laredo Democrat would support. According to Wikipedia, an earmark is a provision...

Meade: I am excited to see the growth of San Benito

Rebeca, thank you for inviting me. You know it is nice to be here today at this great event.  When I was coming over here, I was actually sitting...

Hobbs: We have a lot of resources to help businesses

Thank you. This is a pleasant surprise. Julian usually just tells everybody that Pat Hobbs has all the money so I get all the calls.  I am honored to...
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