Folks, my name is Rick Salinas and the other day I had a little skirmish or a little fight or whatever you want to call it with the City of Mission. I went out there because so many of you are my colleagues and also my neighbors over the Cimarron Country Club. 

I took a moment of get on my golf cart and I went out there to look at all the little holes that for so many of us have had so many beautiful moments and beautiful times. We’ve been able to go out there and if it’s not drinking a beer, or drinking water it’s golfing together. Precious, precious memories that we’ve set up over at Cimarron. 

In the last few months and clearly after COVID we have seen our precious golf course, Cimarron Golf Course, in deplorable, sickening conditions. I don’t know what the new ownership is all about, but I can tell you that as members of the community we have every right to go forward. That very day, that very weekend, the first Monday after that I went straight to city council and I may have been out of line, I apologize to the viewers and some of the people who were there. None of the comments that I made were designed to insult anybody, but I’m very tired of the sleepy, lackadaisical attitude that we’ve taken towards our precious and beautiful Cimarron. 

When I went out there, Monday, I told them something that should have been done a long time ago. There’s a pending lawsuit in the 275th District Court in front of the Honorable Judge Marla Cuellar, and we can intervene in there if we pick up enough signatures. There are a multitude of ways that we can do this. There is a way of creating a PID, or a Public Improvement District, which would allow us to raise a fund, condemn the property and return it back to the community in which it belongs, which is us, the owners of these properties. There is a way for us to bring back the glory of Cimarron. 

My daughter had her Quinceañera there. My boys have celebrated all their birthdays there. Some of the best business deals and accomplishments were accomplished there at Cimarron. Cimarron, unlike any other golf course, has always had a very open atmosphere, very welcoming. Something that you will not find in any other golf course, I promise you that. I’ve been in several golf courses, but the golf course that we have, which is Cimarron, was always quite different from anyone there. You could talk to anybody. You could talk to the management, you could talk to the people that were serving you and there was always this attitude and this ambiance where you feel very, very comfortable. It was always a pleasure to be there at Cimarron.

I think it’s high time that we organize and we put ourselves together. I invite you all to register at where you can sign in there and on top of that, give us permission or sign a petition. You will also see people that are there working together with me that will knock on your door as members of the community and ask you to sign the petition. 

Folks, let me tell you, it’s not going to cost you anything. For some of you out there that are up in age and have invested all your money in your homes, this is a perfect opportunity to raise the value of that home. For some of you that have raised your children there, there is no need for you all to leave. There’s no reason to want to sell your home because help is on its way. I promise you we will organize. I’m a lawyer. I’m familiar with what’s going on. And if you join hands with me, I promise you we can save Cimarron and bring it back to the glory that it’s always been. 

We need to fill up those lakes with water. We need to restore the dignity that Cimarron’s always had and I’m asking you all to come together. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. On behalf of myself, on behalf of my father, Norberto Salinas, the former mayor. And again, thank you so much for letting me into your home, either during the day or at night. But please, please, please, it’s very, very important that we not let go to waste one of the premier jewels in the city of Mission, which is our 6,800-plus yard golf course. 

I want to thank you once again and if you have any questions, call 956 292 4647. Or again, tune in to the fact that I told you a little while ago. We’re going to go forward. We’re going to win this. And let’s go forward with Cimarron. Let’s win this thank you so much.

Editor’s Note: The above commentary was made by Mission, Texas-based attorney Ricardo ‘Rick’ Salinas on the website,

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