ALTON, Texas – Small business owner and community leader Michelle Vallejo has announced the endorsement of over 100 Texas leaders in her bid to become the next U.S. Representative for Congressional District 15.

Among the local leaders supporting her campaign are: Hidalgo County Judge Richard Cortez, Hidalgo County Commissioners Ellie Torres and David Fuentes, Hidalgo County Clerk Arturo Guajardo, Jr., Hidalgo County Treasurer Lita Leo, Hidalgo County District Attorney Ricardo Rodriguez, and Hidalgo County Constables Marty Cantu and Danny Marichalar.

Among the city mayors in Hidalgo County that have pledged to help Vallejo win election to Congress are Ramiro Garza, Jr., of Edinburg, Diana Martinez of Alamo, Yvette Cabrera of Granjeno, Salvador Vela of Alton, Rick Villarreal of Palmview, and Isidro Casanova of La Joya.

Vallejo hopes to join U.S. Rep. Henry Cuellar of Laredo, and Vicente Gonzalez of McAllen, in Congress. Both have announced their support of her candidacy.

Local state Representatives backing Vallejo include Oscar Longoria of La Joya, Sergio Muñoz, Jr., of Mission, Armando Martinez of Weslaco, and Terry Canales of Edinburg. 

“I am extremely proud and honored to have the support of so many powerful leaders from all corners of our beautiful state and throughout all of South Texas,” Vallejo said. “The stakes could not be higher. Texas’s 15th Congressional District is the most competitive in Texas and could very much determine if we hold the House. These 100 endorsements include members of Congress, statewide candidates and local leaders who all understand the importance of this race. Monica De La Cruz’s extreme and radical views on abortion, health care access and immigration have no place in South Texas and on Nov. 8 we’re going to elect a working families champion to Congress. ¡Vamos Por Quince!”

Vallejo also has the backing of Texas Democratic gubernatorial candidate, Beto O’Rourke.

The Beto for Texas campaign said: “Beto O’Rourke endorses Michelle Vallejo for Congress. Together, we can overcome the divisions and extremism in Texas and unite people around the popular, bipartisan things that Texans want to achieve together: great jobs, world-class schools, the ability to see a doctor, and finally fixing the grid.”

Vallejo responded: “I am honored to have the endorsement of our future governor and Texas leader, Beto O’Rourke,” said Michelle Vallejo, Democratic nominee for Texas’s 15th Congressional District. “Texas deserves better than Greg Abbott. Beto is running a campaign for the people of Texas, all the people of Texas, and I look forward to continue joining him on the campaign trail. Together we are ready to fight and deliver for the hard-working families of South Texas.”

Here is the list of Vallejo’s 100 endorsements:

  • US Representative Lizzie Pannill Fletcher (TX-07)
  • US Representative Vicente Gonzalez (TX-15)
  • US Representative Veronica Escobar (TX-16)
  • US Representative Joaquin Castro (TX-20)
  • US Representative Henry Cuellar (TX-28)
  • US Representative Sylvia Garcia (TX-29)
  • US Representative Colin Allred (TX-32)
  • US Representative Marc Veasey (TX-33)
  • Former US Representative Filemon Vela (TX-34)
  • US Representative Lloyd Doggett (TX- 35)
  • Texas’s 35th Congressional District Democratic Nominee Greg Casar
  • Texas’s 30th Congressional District Democratic Nominee Jasmine Crockett
  • Jessica Cisneros,  Former TX-28 Candidate
  • Texas Democratic Party Chairman Gilberto Hinojosa
  • Lt. Governor Democratic Nominee Mike Collier
  • Texas Attorney General Democratic Nominee Rochelle Mercedes Garza
  • Texas Comptroller Democratic Nominee Janet Dudding
  • Texas Land Commissioner Democratic Nominee Jay Kleberg
  • Texas Agriculture Commissioner Democratic Nominee Susan Hays
  • Texas Railroad Commissioner Democratic Nominee Luke Warford
  • State Senator Sarah Eckhardt (SD-14)
  • State Representative Ron Reynolds (HD-27)
  • State Representative Oscar Longoria (HD-35)
  • State Representative Sergio Muñoz Jr. (HD-36)
  • State Representative Armando Martinez (HD-39)
  • State Representative Terry Canales (HD 40)
  • State Representative Erin Zweiner (HD-45)
  • State Representative Ray Lopez (HD-125)
  • State Representative Victoria Neave (HD-107)
  • State Representative Diego Bernal (HD-123)
  • Former State Senator Wendy Davis
  • Hidalgo County Judge Richard Cortez
  • Hidalgo County Commissioner Ellie Torres
  • Hidalgo County Commissioner David Fuentes
  • Brooks County Commissioner Rolando Gutierrez
  • Jim Wells County Commissioner Wicho Gonzalez
  • Jim Wells County Commissioner Margie Gonzalez
  • Hidalgo County Clerk Arturo Guajardo Jr.
  • Hidalgo County Treasurer Lita Leo
  • Hidalgo County District Attorney Ricardo Rodriguez
  • Jim Wells County Sheriff Danny Bueno
  • Hidalgo County Constable Larry Gallardo
  • Hidalgo County Constable Marty Cantu
  • Hidalgo County Constable Danny Marichalar
  • Mayor Ramiro Garza Jr. of Edinburg
  • Mayor Diana Martinez of Alamo
  • Mayor Yvette Cabrera of Granjeno
  • Mayor Salvador Vela of Alton
  • Mayor Rick Villarreal of Palmview
  • Mayor Isidro Casanova of La Joya
  • Pharr Commissioner Eleazar Guajardo
  • Pharr City Commissioner Daniel Chavez
  • Edinburg City Commissioner Dan Diaz
  • McAllen ISD Trustee Danny Vela
  • Alamo City Commissioner Pete Morales
  • PSJA ISD Trustee Cynthia Gutierrez
  • La Joya Commissioner Angie Garza
  • Mission City Councilman Beto Vela
  • Alton City Commissioner Arturo Galvan
  • Alton City Commissioner Ricardo Garza
  • Alton City Commissioner Richard Arevalo
  • Alton City Commissioner Emilo Cantu Jr.
  • Hidalgo City Commissioner Augusto Contreras
  • Former TX-15 Congressman Ruben Hinojosa
  • Former Hidalgo County Judge Ramon Garcia
  • Kassandra Elejarza. Texas Democratic Women President
  • Former McAllen District 6 Commissioner Veronica Vela-Whitacre
  • John Rigney, Former TX-15 Candidate
  • Eliza Alvarado. Former TX-15 Candidate
  • Julio Garza, Former TX-15 Candidate
  • Dr. Luis Arrango
  • Jaimie Bernal MD
  • Dr. Filomena Leo, La Joya Community Leader
  • Ivania Gutierrez, Community Abortion Rights Activist
  • Felix Rodriguez, Veteran
  • Rogelio Aleman, Veteran
  • Jose Rodrigo Uresti, Deaf Community Advocate
  • Priscilla Antonio, Small Business Leader
  • Maria Guerra, Small Business Leader
  • Madilyn Garza, Small Business Leader
  • Daniela Jimenez, Small Business Leader
  • Valeria Cortez, Small Business Leader
  • Samantha Jiminez, Small Business Leader
  • Fatima Ojeda, Small Business Leader
  • Marcos Silva, Educational Advocate
  • Jorge Gutierrez, Precinct Chair 51
  • Maria I. Perales, Precinct Chair 125
  • Frank Perez, Precinct Chair 151
  • Alex Lamela, Precinct Chair 124
  • Sandra Rodriguez, Precinct Chair 207
  • Rafael Ralph Garza, Precinct Chair 12
  • Mindo Rodriguez, Precinct Chair 90
  • Isidro Perez, Precinct Chair 146
  • Pilo Castillo, Precinct Chair 175
  • Barbara Vasquez, Precinct Chair 212
  • Jose Hernandez, Precinct Chair 227
  • Maria Betancourt, Precinct Chair 164
  • Lupe Rivera, Precinct Chair 226
  • Matthew Martinez, Precinct Chair 221
  • Meri Gomez, Precinct Chair 103
  • RGV Democrats
  • Hidalgo County Tejano Democrats
  • Stonewall Democrats RGV
  • Texas College Democrats
  • RGV College Democrats

Monica De La Cruz

Vallejo’s opponent in the open Congressional District 15 seat is Republican Party candidate Monica De La Cruz.

De La Cruz, a small business owner, recently announced an endorsement by the Texas & Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association Political Action Committee. 

“Texas ranchers and landowners depend on capable representation in Washington, which is why we are proud to support Monica De La Cruz for Congress,” said Arthur Uhl, co-chairman of the TSCRA PAC. “Monica understands the importance of cutting burdensome federal regulations and taxes while protecting private property rights, so ranching families can keep land in their family and grow their businesses. She is the right choice to represent cattle producers in our nation’s capital.”

De La Cruz pointed out that Congressional District 15 covers broad swaths of rural Texan ranching and farming communities. 

“Texans have long held a unique sense of pride in our great history of ranching. From the beginning with early Spanish ranching techniques implemented by the vaqueros and Tejano haciendas to the world-famous ranches of South Texas; this industry has had Texan roots. The hardworking members of today’s farm and agricultural community keep our children fed while providing jobs to the area. These families are cornerstones of their communities and deserve to thrive without government overreach,” De La Cruz said. “In Congress I will defend these businesses and landowners so they can continue to contribute to our nation’s food supply and remain an integral part of the fabric of Texan society.”


On Wednesday, Aug. 31, De La Cruz used the public comment period to the Lower Rio Grande Valley Development Council’s monthly meeting to address the group’s board of directors. Here is a video recording of her commentary: