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HARLINGEN, RGV – Jo Wagner and Todd Aune, owners of The Reese Plaza Development, LLC, have announced that the entire third and fourth floors of The Reese have been leased.

Connie de la Garza
Connie de la Garza

The tenant is the Commission on Immigrations ProBar Project, better known as ProBar, an offshoot of the American Bar Association.

Connie de la Garza, broker and owner of Bahnman Realty, represented The Reese. John Goodman, managing broker of Savills Studley, Chicago, represented ProBar.

“The Reese is a five-story building in downtown Harlingen,” de la Garza told the Rio Grande Guardian. “We have had the first floor and fifth floor completely occupied. Today, we are announcing that the American Bar Association’s arm, Pro Bar, is leasing the entire third and fourth floor – over 27,000 square feet of office space.”

Colletti’s Italian Restaurant occupies the first floor of The Reese. Harlingen Mayor Chris Boswell often holds his State of the City addresses at The Reese. Boswell was at today’s news conference.

De la Garza said ProBar will have about 21 attorneys and 59 legal aides and assistants in the office.

“There will be a total of 80 people in here. The mayor just had a press conference to that affect. We are very, very, happy. The move in date is on a fast track. March 1. On that date, we will have a big ribbon-cutting ceremony.”

Asked how big a deal the project is, de la Garza said: “It is a big deal for Harlingen because all we had here was four concrete walls and nothing else. In four months, we are going to have first class offices. It is probably the largest office lease done in Harlingen in years.”

Editor’s Note: The Rio Grande Guardian will have an expanded story in tomorrow’s edition. Shon Gonzalez contributed to this story from Harlingen and took the photos.”