CIUDAD VICTORIA, Tamaulipas – PAN elected Governor Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca received the majority vote certification which gives him official recognition as the new governor of Tamaulipas.

At the facilities of the Instituto Electoral de Tamaulipas (IETAM), the elected Governor arrived accompanied by his wife, Mariana Gómez, as well as sympathizers and militants of his political party to receive from Jesús Hernandez Anguiano, who chaired the electoral office, the document that certifies him as the next Head of the State of Tamaulipas.

“You have made possible for today to be a historical day,” said Cabeza de Vaca, wording his appreciation for the citizens of Tamaulipas who gave him their vote to be governor from 2016 to 2022.

He stated that for the first time in 86 years Tamaulipas will have the opportunity to have a citizen´s government; close to the people, and honest; which will reestablish peace, order and the Rule of Law.

“My commitment is and will be with the people of Tamaulipas. The government which will give me the opportunity and the privilege to lead this state, will have the reestablishment of the relationship between the citizens and their government as its priority; with the reconstruction of a State which is eager to pull through,” Cabeza de Vaca said.

He added that last June 5th people lived through an unprecedented event: “Hope of having a different State of Tamaulipas, where peace can be achievable, overcame fear.”

Cabeza de Vaca said his government will be inclusive and plural; and one that will not be led by hatred or resentment. He said his hand will be offered to all citizens who would want to contribute  to a stronger Tamaulipas, regardless of the colors of their political parties or their ideological standing.

“Mine will be a government that will act according to the law, one that will not permit injustice. One that will work hand in hand with the citizens, with the productive associations, and with the different political groups. It will also be a generous government; one that will not go back to the practices of the past because it wants to do things differently,” said the elected Governor.

“Resentment will never lead me, but I will not permit impunity in Tamaulipas, where everyone is eager to pull through,” said Cabeza de Vaca who also recognized the well conducted and transparent “historical” electoral journey which concluded on June 5th and was led by the Instituto Electoral de Tamaulipas. He said he had no doubt that this journey, which had 56 percent of the voters, was indeed historical and had set an example for Tamaulipas and the rest of the country.

He said he will not waste a minute in a “witch hunt,” but repeated that impunity will not be permitted. “To those who harmed Tamaulipas I tell: There will be no hatred or resentment but I will not let anyone get in the way of progress.”

Cabeza de Vaca said that from October 1st, he will be there for the people who need the most; for women, for the young, who are now a part of a new history, and that will be remembered as the generation who “doesn’t bend nor is for sale.”

“With the young we will construct a new Tamaulipas, one we feel proud of. I come today to give you my word that I won’t rest a minute of my government until I can give you a Tamaulipas you and your children can be proud of,” concluded the governor to be.

Editor’s Note: The main image accompanying this story comes from Roberto Aguilar of El Universal.

Editor’s Note: Reporter Enriqueta Cisneros translated this story from Spanish to English.