EDINBURG, Texas – The recently concluded Junior Clinical Research Internship Program is receiving such rave reviews that the Rio Grande Guardian International News Service wanted to learn more.

So, healthcare reporter Julia Rodriguez interviewed Dr. Sohail Rao, president and CEO of DHR Health Institute for Research & Development. 

DHR Health Institute for Research & Development co-hosted the summer program with Region One Education Service Center.

“The idea was, can we bring the students in and expose them to the various disciplines of medicine that we practice here at DHR, to keep their interest alive as far as going into medical field?” Rao told Rodriguez.

“But, more importantly, to create a cohort of critical thinkers, individuals who would ask the question why and would always be inquisitive and do research in the area of medicine.”

Rao said the third objective was “to make the students aware of the public health crisis that is going on in the (Rio Grande) Valley, particularly in diseases such as obesity and diabetes and cardiovascular disorders and liver diseases and cancer.”

Rao said every disease Valley residents can think of is actually in double digits in the region.

Here is the interview: