AudioValley International Airport now offering covered parking for short stay vehicles

Nicolás J. Mirman, director of business development at VIA, says up to 300 cars can now be protected from the sun.

HARLINGEN, Texas – Valley International Airport has become the first airport in the Rio Grande Valley to offer covered parking for short stay vehicles.

Nicolás J. Mirman, director of business development at VIA, said up to 300 cars can now be protected from the sun.

“We just opened our covered parking areas, with more than 300 space of covered parking. It is the only covered parking in an airport in the RGV. We just opened it two weeks ago and it’s already almost full as you can see. We’re very excited about that. We know that the people in the RGV are also very excited, excited,” Mirman said.

“Step by step and with our own resources, and that is important, without any tax money from anybody in the RGV, we are making all these investments and these improvements in the airport and they are proving to be very successful.”

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Mirman made his comments in an exclusive interview with the Rio Grande Guardian International News Service. He said Valley International is the largest airport in South Texas, with early 900,000 passengers and visitors walking through our terminal annually. 

In the interview, Mirman mentioned the VIP lounge.

“We have had the lounge or the VIP lounge room for ever. But, we just remodeled it. It looks super swanky. So we invite the public to go and visit. We opened it a few months ago and it looks very good. People love it. It’s always packed.”

Mirman also spoke about the shops and food amenities.

“We take a strong approach to concessions because we think that is something that improves the customer experience. So, we have six restaurants and three shops throughout the terminal. That means that in all we have between 50 and 60 percent more square footage and more offers than the next airport in the RGV,” Mirman said.

“We have restaurants before security and after security so people that come here to wait for passengers landing or to wait for passengers leaving also have access to a gift shop and a restaurant. And then on the gate side of things, we have three or four options for food. And, we have one gift shop and we a second shop that handles the international traffic as well.

Mirman also touched on an award the American Airlines station at VIA is picking up for excellence in customer service. Its team was awarded the Customer Cup for the second quarter of 2023. Mirman said his marks the first time a team from the Rio Grande Valley has won the award.

“American Airlines has almost 300 stations worldwide and our local station has been named No. 1. We are super excited about that. We want to celebrate them. We want to appreciate them because of the hard effort that they have made. And so we will have an event next week with executives from American flying into the Valley to celebrate their employees here locally.”

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