AudioGlobal trade at Pharr Bridge reached $47 billion in 2022; now growing at a rate of 3% month to month

Story includes an audio recording of the presentation Pharr International Bridge Director Luis Bazan made at IWS2.

PHARR, Texas – A flyer produced by Pharr Bridge Board for IWS2 list the latest trade statistics for the Pharr-Reynosa International Bridge.

IWS2 was the 2nd Industrial Warehouse Summit held August 24 at the Pharr Development and Research Center. The theme for the summit was, “Building a Competitive Border Region for Near-Shoring and Industrial Growth.”

The flyer says there was $47 billion in global trade at the International bridge in 2022, with a growth rate of three percent month to month in 2023.

Imports totaled $27.7 billion, an increase of 9.62 percent. Exports totaled $18.74 billion, an increase of 13.51 percent. 

When it comes to trade by value of project, 62 percent of all products that cross the bridge are linked to the manufacturing sector. Seventeen percent are linked to the energy sector and 15 percent are linked to the produce/perishable sector. 

The average yearly growth in imports and exports at the bridge is five percent.

The flyer says 60 percent of all Texas produce crosses the Pharr bridge. For the nation as a whole it is 30 percent.

The daily commercial traffic count shows 3,200 trucks headed northbound during the peak months and 2,700 trucks going northbound during the slower months. For southbound traffic, the number of trucks averages 3,000 per day during the peak months and 2,500 during the slower months. 

The Pharr Bridge is first in the U.S. for crossing produce. It is also the third largest trading hub on the Texas-Mexico border. It is seventh for total trade amongst other border crossing by value, and 29th for total trade amongst the nation’s 450 plus ports by value. 

The top five imports at the Pharr bridge are: first, TVs and computers, valued at $2.26 billion; second, Avocados, valued at $1.97 billion; third, insulated wire and cable, valued at $1.74 billion; fourth, berries, valued at $1.1 billion; and fifth, medical instruments, valued at $1.24 billion.

The top five exports at the Pharr bridge are: first, liquefied natural gas, valued at $4.44 billion; second, gasoline, valued at $3.2 billion; third, insulated wire and cable, valued at $562 million; fourth, motor vehicle parts, valued at $562 million; and fifth, pork, valued at $472 million.

The flyer says over $100 million has been invested in new infrastructure at the Pharr bridge.

The flyer lists three projects under construction and planning. 

Under Donations Acceptance Program 15, two additional primary lanes and two exit lanes are being built. This will offer gate-to-gate service for maximum efficiency and reduce truck weight times, the flyer states.

Under Donations Acceptance Program 16, cold chain streamlined agriculture produce inspections are planned, along with improvements to the processing of dry goods. This will lead to increased commercial truck throughput, the flyer states.

Under the 2nd Span bridge expansion project, four additional F.A.S.T. lanes will be built, along with the installation of a more intelligent traffic system. This will increase capacity and efficiency, the flyer states.

Pharr Bridge Director Luis Bazan gave a presentation about new bridge activity at IWS2. Here is an audio recording of his remarks:

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