HARLINGEN, RGV – Texas Regional Bank officially opened its new $55 million corporate headquarters in Harlingen on Thursday evening. 

The building is located on the north side of I-2 at Stuart Place Road in western Harlingen.

Michael Scaief chairs Texas Regional Bank and Paul Moxley is its CEO. 

Dozens of VIPs from across the Rio Grande Valley were present for the opening ceremony. 

Here are the remarks of Harlingen Mayor Chris Boswell:

“Many of you have heard me say this but I was born and raised in San Benito. Growing up I always wanted to live in the big city. So, when I got out of law school I moved to Harlingen. 

“Standing in this building today, this beautiful new building, it sure feels like a big city. Lots of progress is being made in our community. It sure is reflective of what we want to see happen in our community, to see Texas Regional Bancshares build their corporate headquarters here in Harlingen, Texas. We are so happy about that. 

“The few people that organized this bank know a little bit about Harlingen and I think they saw the potential and the opportunity for what is happening in our community and the entire region. 

“It is a great building, a great symbol of progress, not only for the community but especially for this bank and everything they have done to work and build a wonderful community bank, a regional community bank for South Texas and all of Texas. 

“We congratulate them. We thank the leadership of Texas Regional Bank. We thank them for what they have done now and also what they are going to continue to do, by continuing to invest in our community, by knowing what our needs are in the community, by having local ownership. They will be able to foster and support the needs of business and other community needs throughout our region. 

“This is going to be the start of a lot more expansion out here in the western part of our city. Again, thank you to the leadership of Texas Regional Bank, Michael Scaief and all the directors and congratulations on this wonderful opening tonight.”

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