AudioTeclo Garcia gives an update on the expansion of Anzalduas International Bridge

Story includes an audio recording of the presentation Mission Economic Development Corporation’s CEO made at IWS2.

PHARR, Texas – As an example of his support for regional economic development, Teclo Garcia says that on a recent trip to the interior of Mexico he not only promoted Anzalduas International Bridge but also Pharr International Bridge.

Garcia, CEO of Mission Economic Development Corporation, was part of a trade delegation that visited San Luis Potosí. In his meetings there he pointed out that the Anzalduas bridge will not be crossing fruit and vegetables. He said that is Pharr’s expertise.

“We are not competing with Pharr when we go on trade missions. We include Pharr in our economic talks. Pharr is still going to be the only produce crossing in this area. And that is very important for people to know in central Mexico,” Garcia said. 

Garcia made his comments at IWS2, the industrial warehouse summit hosted by the Pharr Bridge Board and held at the Pharr Development and Research Center. The theme for the summit was, “Building a Competitive Border Region for Near-Shoring and Industrial Growth.”

In his remarks, Garcia spoke about industrial development around the Anzalduas bridge and the fact that this port of entry will focus on dry goods. He said he expects the bridge to be able to cross trucks carrying fully loaded cargo within the next 18 months to two years.

When that happens, Garcia said, he expects Anzalduas to start with about 1,500 truck movements a day, north and south bound.

Garcia also spoke about the interest Mission is receiving from developers in Monterrey, San Luis Potosí and Laredo. He said the interest from Laredo may have something to do with the fact that Killam, a major Laredo development company, is in Mission and has 3,500 acres available for industrial development next to the Anzalduas bridge.

Garcia said the Rio Grande Valley is a “bargain” when compared to Laredo. In north Laredo, he said, undeveloped land is selling for $300,000 an acre. He also said Laredo’s international bridges are currently “saturated” as they move around 20,000 trucks a day.

“We (the RGV) stand to gain,” Garcia said.

Garcia said he will be visiting San Luis Potosí again in November and also developing leads in Monterrey.

Here is an audio recording of Garcia’s remarks at IWS2:

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