AudioSpamer heads to China to look for more customers

Story includes an audio recording of everything CIL Group President and Founder Joaquin Spamer said (in Spanish) at the 2023 NADBank Summit.

SAN ANTONIO, Texas – The always newsworthy entrepreneur Joaquin Spamer says he is heading to China to look for more customers.

Spamer is president and founder of the fast-growing CIL Group. Among things, the company exports U.S. cotton around the world.

Spamer departs for China on a business trip on Sept. 17.

Founded in 1991, CIL offers integrated logistic services along the Mexico-US border, including the import, export, handling, warehousing, distribution and transportation of industrial commercial and perishable products.

Spamer is also president of the Border Trade Alliance Mexico. He is also the American Chamber of Commerce’s representative in the Rio Grande Valley. And he is a member of COSTEP, the Hidalgo County Prosperity Task Force, and Index Nuevo León.

“We are very much engaged. I’m actually traveling to China to meet with a lot of different potential customers,” Spamer told the Rio Grande Guardian International News Service. “That is what I do. It is not what the realtors are doing.”

Spamer made the news recently when he launched a blistering attack on industrial realtors in the Rio Grande Valley. He said many of them do not earn their five percent commission. He said they should only be getting one and half to two percent commission, which is why he pays for warehouse space in places like Dallas, New York and Los Angeles. Spamer said he has received good feedback since he first made his controversial comments at IWS2, hosted by the Pharr Bridge Board.

Click here to watch a video of Spamer criticizing RGV industrial realtors and here to read a more detailed story on the issue.

Recently, Spamer was a panelist at the 2023 NADBank Summit. There he spoke about doing business in the Valley. 

Asked what were the key points he wanted to get across to those attending the NADBank Summit, Spamer said: “That we have great, great opportunity in South Texas. That we are the best place in the nation. We are blessed. In my opinion, we have a higher opportunity for progress in South Texas than on the Mexican side and the rest of Texas. If you’re looking for labor, for water, for good prices, for a good labor force, the perfect combination is South Texas. And that’s why we are investing heavily in industrial developments.”

Here is an audio recording of the comments made by Spamer (all in Spanish) at the NADBank Summit:

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