Sidee Industrial Development was established in 1999 to develop state-of-the-art industrial and commercial projects, including industrial parks, built-to-suit industrial facilities and spec buildings for lease or sale. 

Headquartered in Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico, our services are targeted towards the private sector, specifically in the maquiladora exportation industry. 

With over one million square feet of leased or sold facilities we have vast experience in industrial infrastructure, electro-mechanical installation, urbanization, water treatment plant construction and underground public service. We are proficient in the Mexican market where we have proudly earned an excellent reputation for our professionalism and quality of work. Sidee is a single source provider for industrial real estate solutions in Mexico, with services that include the planning, design, engineering and construction of large scale projects. 

René Xavier González

We understand that our clients want to own or lease brand new state-of-the-art buildings that are cost-effective and highly productive. Our build-to-suit process provides a customized approach to construction that speeds the delivery of the project, ensures quality and minimizes the cost. Sidee can also manage and maintain the facilities. 

Unlike many other industrial real estate companies, Sidee does not outsource property management. Each industrial development is managed by our in-house professionals. Sidee’s current development is Los Palmares Industrial Park. 

The 300-plus acre development is strategically located in the industrial west side of Matamoros, an ideal site for manufacturing and international trade, with close proximity to four international bridges, four international airports, a deep-water seaport and a new U.S.-Mexico railroad bridge crossing. Our lots range from 3.7 to nine acres and are ready for industrial spec or built-to-suit industrial facilities. The park is close to housing, health facilities, education institutions and other first class industrial areas in Matamoros. It is equipped with natural gas, and city water and sewer systems. The city of Matamoros provides the most capable and abundant workforce with a very competitive wage structure. 

Current tenants include Toyota Gosei Rubber and Merit Mexico, both automotive parts manufacturers. TPI Composites, the largest U.S.-based independent manufacturer of composite wind blades with a high growth wind energy market, is just four miles away. Few locations in the world offers the advantages that can be found at Los Palmeres. The multi-modal transportation infrastructure allows manufacturers to rapidly supply goods across North America and around the world. 

Sidee is an active player in regional manufacturing and has been a driving force in industrial development since the mid-1980s. In fact, members of Team Sidee help and start and continue to serve active roles in local support assets like Codem, Matamoros’ economic development committee. Codem was formed in 1989 by local businessmen with the objective of promoting the economic development of Matamaoros and further strengthening our ties with regional partners right across the border in Brownsville and Harlingen, Texas. 

Whatever your needs, our team has the expertise to execute projects of any size and complexity with the start to finish solutions to designs and construction to property management. Our team of experts are looking forward to showing you the new Matamoros, which is home to Los Palmeres industrial Park, the perfect location for your manufacturing and logistics projects. We invite you to visit our site. and learn more about our partnering projects. We encourage you to reach out and ask questions. We are here to help. 

Editor’s Note: The above presentation by Sidee Industrial Development was featured recent webinar by the Rio South Texas Economic Council. René Xavier González, head of new business development and marketing for Sidee, is executive director of the Rio South Texas Economic Council.

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