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MATAMOROS, Tamaulipas – The director of new business development and marketing at Servicios Inmobiliarios para el Desarrollo Exportador (SIDEE) has explained why his company joined the Rio South Texas Economic Council.

In fact, he said his interest came about through reading an economic development story in the Rio Grande Guardian.

“I believe it was a February article in this very publication, regarding the EAIC (European Affairs for the European American Investment Council) Site Selector’s Visit. That caught my interest,” said René Xavier González, in an exclusive interview with the Rio Grande Guardian and RGV Public Radio 88 FM.

René Xavier González

“Reading about a regional EDC taking the initiative to be proactive about promoting the region seemed extremely appealing to me. That led me to do a bit of research on RSTEC and I contacted Matt.”

González said that while SIDEE is not constrained to a particular region and, in fact, its biggest project to date is in Irapuato, Guanajuato, in central Mexico, its current priority is to continue developing the Los Palmares Industrial Park project in western Matamoros. 

“I felt our goals align with RSTEC’s mission statement of regional economic development,” González said.

Asked what he hopes to achieve by joining RSTEC, González said:

“As I understand it, SIDEE is the first private sector member of RSTEC as well as the sole representative of the Matamoros business community. We’re interested in having the opportunity to tell our story, as well as the story of Matamoros and why it has been an attractive place to do business for over 40 years. Matamoros, and indeed Tamaulipas generally, are undergoing a renewable energy renaissance that can only broaden our appeal with potential investors.”

Asked why he chose to host the RSTEC board of directors meeting, González said:

“RSTEC has it’s monthly board meeting in a different city every month. Such a simple yet brilliant idea. This is especially important these days as it helps remind us of our common goals as a binational region. I saw this as an opportunity to reacquaint my fellow RSTEC members with Matamoros as well as to provide them with a glance at what SIDEE is working on. 

“We were able to arrange a transport to pick everyone up in Brownsville and then drive to Los Palmares Industrial Park where we are leasing almost 300,000 square feet of manufacturing space to two international automotive manufacturing companies.

“It also allowed us to discuss our plans for future manufacturing facilities within our 100 acres in the park. After this quick guided tour we then arrived at one of Matamoros’ newest and finest dining establishments, La Cancillería, for the meeting as well as a series of economic overviews from our friends in the local and state government. I feel that hard data and statistics are more important than ever to counter harmful misinformation and rhetoric.”

Asked what was achieved through holding the RSTEC board meeting in Matamoros, González said:

“I think this was an important first step in reminding our neighbors that exciting things are happening on both sides of the border and these need to be considered and incorporated into our narrative as a region that is a business friendly and rife with investment opportunities.”

Asked if he thought that with SIDEE and potentially other Tamaulipas companies and economic development groups joining RSTEC, RSTEC can become truly binational in nature, thereby assisting both sides of the border with their economic development needs, González said:

Yes, absolutely. I consider it a privilege to be able to provide assistance and information towards the economic development and advancement of our region.”

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