Our College celebrated National Engineers Week (E-Week), Feb. 18-22, 2019 with a variety of activities for K-12, our College students and the community.

It included an Innovation Challenge and Girls Day for K-12 as well as an Innovaqueros Challenge, a career Development Day and an E-Cup competition for our college students.

Over 700 K-12 kids, including one 300 girls, from over 20 school districts in the RGV participated in these activities, in addition to several hundreds of our college students.

Dr. Ala Qubbaj

The week concluded with two recognition ceremonies in Edinburg and Brownsville, where we recognized winners of the innovation challenges, our outstanding students fo their academic achievement, spotlight students and graduates for their success, educators for inspiring our students, as well as local engineers for making a difference in our community.

I am proud we were able to do the 1st E-Week on the Brownsville campus, the 1st E-Cup for our student organizations, 1st K-12 innovation challenge, 1st recognition of teachers and local engineers, as well 1st international E-Week with the participation of four high schools from Matamoros. 

E-Week was a great opportunity to promote our excellent engineering programs, the incredible talents of our students and the amazing success stories of graduates/alumni. It was an opportunity to connect with our community stakeholders and inspire so many kids to innovate and pursue careers in Engineering and Computer Science.

We received extremely positive feedback from our students, sponsors and community. Please follow our College social media at Facebook, twitter and Instagram for more information and videos on our E-Week activities and events as well as the amazing success stories of our students and graduates. 

This tremendous success would have not been possible without the dedication and hard work of our amazing college faculty, staff and students. Their success has been noted at all levels through the success of our students. Thanks for the E-Week Planning Committee as well as the ESAC and the student organizations for their great work and leadership.

Special thanks to our community partners and sponsors for their support and participation. Let’s continue to care about our kids, collaborate across the RGV, and be successful together.

Editor’s Note: The above guest column first appeared on the UT-Rio Grande Valley’s Facebook page. It was written by the dean of the College of Engineering & Computer Sciences, Dr. Ala Qubbaj, to thank all those who helped to make National Engineers Week in the Rio Grande Valley a great success in the Rio Grande Valley.