BROWNSVILLE, RGV – The Port of Brownsville released the most comprehensive directory to date to provide the community an inside look at the workings of one of the top economic drivers in Rio Grande Valley.

The Brownsville Navigation District and the Port of Brownsville staff published the new directory to explain how the port continues to be a major economic asset for the Valley.

John Wood

The directory includes an extensive overview of the different types of industries at the port, and important infrastructure expansions at the dock.

John Wood, chairman of the Brownsville Navigation District Board of Commissioners, explains in a letter published in the directory how the port’s economic impact in wealth and job creation benefits the region.

“Inside, you will learn how and why the port has grown to become the area’s principal economic engine,” Wood said.

“We’re proud of the $3 billion in state and local economic impacts created by the port. But I think we’re more pleased by the jobs created by the cargo moving through the marine terminals of the port, and the companies engaged in ship and rig repairs. All combined, the port is responsible for creating 44,036 jobs in the state of Texas, according to the most recent economic impact study by Martin Associates.”

Eduardo Campirano

The Port of Brownsville is the largest land-owning port in the United States, with established industries in wind energy and Mexican petroleum.

There are more than 10 million eager consumers within a three-hour drive of the port, according to the directory.

The Port Director and CEO, Eduardo Campirano, wrote in a letter in the directory how the port continues to attract more businesses because of what the region offers in job training and a growing youth population.

“This growing notoriety serves as a testament to the port’s role as a key economic driver for the Rio Grande Valley,” Campirano said.

“Businesses growing or locating here can take advantage of the many assets the Valley has to offer. Key among them are the strong academic and career training resources to educate and prepare our talented young people for the future employment opportunities. The Valley’s youth are our most important asset and to keep them here, we need to grow jobs. We are striving very hard to do that at the Port of Brownsville.”

Campirano adds that in conjunction with the private sector and economic development organizations, the port is able to make infrastructure improvements for other projects and job creation, which will also attract more industry in the region.

“In addition to influencing the job market, the port is creating opportunities in other ways,” Campirano said.

“We are partnering with private sector interests and economic development agencies to attract responsible companies into our region. Public and private utility providers are making significant investments to infrastructure necessary to support large-scale projects that create large numbers of jobs for the region. Road and rail improvements further enhance the intermodal connectivity needed to attract and grow businesses in our region.”

Wood briefly discussed the infrastructure renovations that would expand major resources in the port that would benefit tenants and customer.

“To that end, we are carefully and methodically investing in the port’s infrastructure to provide our tenants and customers with modern facilities, like the new Liquid Cargo Dock 6 currently under construction,” Wood said.

“Additionally, the rehabilitation of Liquid Cargo Dock 3 will soon be underway. With the present expansion and advancement of port activities, comes the need for a modern administration complex. The port’s main office is undergoing a complete rehabilitation and enlargement, along with a new records and permitting office as part of the campus.”

Wood ended his letter to readers on how the Port of Brownsville will serve as an important economic engine to the region, and how it will continue to attract businesses that will benefit the Valley.

“These are exciting times at the Port of Brownsville. While we have worked very diligently to achieve and maintain a strong financial foundation, the port is attracting the attention of many new important business interests that may have significant positive impacts in our city and the region,” Wood said.

Editor’s Note: This is the first in a two-part series on the Port of Brownsville’s new directory. Part Two will be published later this week.