EDINBURG, RGV – Battle lines are being drawn between those in support of a health services district for Hidalgo County and those opposed to it.

The issue may go to voters in November. Before then both sides will make their pitch to voters through online news outlets, social media, mailshots, TV, radio and local newspapers.

Two political action committees have been formed. Healthy Hidalgo County PAC is in favor of the creation of a health services district. It has published a flier listing ten reasons to support a Hidalgo County Healthcare District. Prosperity Hidalgo PAC is against it. It has published a flier listing ten reasons to oppose the creation of such an entity.

Here are the arguments for and against, as per the two fliers:


160728-healthcare_district_for_against_2Editor’s Note: The main image accompanying this story shows opponents of a healthcare district for Hidalgo County. It was taken at a meeting they held at the Echo Hotel in Edinburg.

Editor’s Note: The graphics used for this story were produced by business reporter Ena Capucion. The text used in the graphics came straight from the two political action committees, with Health Hidalgo County PAC making the case for a healthcare district and Prosperity Hidalgo PAC making the case against.