MCALLEN, RGV – South Texas College has announced its new Associate Dean of Industry Training and Economic Development (ITED) – Carlos L.Margo.

Before the promotion, Margo worked for the college’s ITED office and took on several roles throughout the 16 years he worked there. Throughout those years, he developed and managed corporate training initiatives, implemented grant funded projects, designed and developed customized workforce training programs and curricula, all the while managing and supervising workforce-training departments. His new duties now include managing and directing all of ITED’s core operational functions.

ITED is a program that provides training fit for employers’ needs. It offers customized training for businesses and industries having to do with manufacturing and construction and other similar sectors. The customized training is due to 80 percent of trainees already working within a company and have a direct contract with the college to receive further training. The other 20 percent include unemployed workers seeking further assistance and training to acquire a job in such industrial-type setting. The program receives funds from Texas Workforce Commission’s Skills Development Fund and through this grant has received more than $25 million over the course of two decades. Another source for funding is through direct contract with the employers, making this program self-sustained. Margo and his staff are in charge of preparing these students for the work force.

Margo said some of the programs offered at the college include technical training such as welding, machining and tooling. Automation technology training is also available, and includes robotics and industrial automation. Technologies in that broad area include hydraulics, pneumatics, sensors, programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and many other vocations that require programming.

“It’s high-tech, but at the same time we offer what we call non-technical training which includes leadership and supervision, team building, management, supervisory training, safety training, business ethics and strategy courses,” Margo said. “Our broad areas at the college include technical, safety, general non-technical which are the soft skills like ESL, even Spanish. A lot of multi-national companies such as Alps Automotive, have productions facilities here locally and some of the managers require both English and Spanish instruction. We customize our program to suit their needs. It’s quite varied.”

Margo holds an Master of Business Administration from the University of Texas Pan American, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Rhetoric from Texas A&M University, College Station. He is currently working towards an Ed.D. in Higher Education Administration from Texas Tech University. Margo started off as a curriculum coordinator for STC and then moved on to become a Training Manager, Regional Manager, Executive Director and now the ITED’s Associate Dean.

While working within ITED’s office, Margo has received recognition for his work and has taken part in some partnerships with various companies and institutions around the world. He was a special guest for FESTO, the German automation technology company, at the Hannover Messe, the world’s leading trade fair for industrial technology. He was invited due to South Texas College being the first FESTO certified training center.

“Carlos, will continue to play a major role in the realization of our vision to develop the border region of South Texas into one of the major advanced manufacturing centers in the world,” said McAllen Economic Development Corporation Executive Director and CEO Keith Patridge.

Margo was also involved in the partnership between STC and the Instituto Internacional de Estudios Superiores (IIES), a private education institution in Reynosa. The partnership centers around STC providing workforce training that is housed at IIES in courses such as industrial automation, industrial maintenance, and building maintenance. He has experience on a global level with the industry sector.

“We are looking to expand our services into Reynosa in order to provide maquila plants with workforce training and higher education programs. We want to have an international presence,” Margo told the Rio Grande Guardian.

South Texas College President Dr. Shirley A. Reed said that Margo was an ideal candidate for the position because he prepared students for the workforce throughout his 16 years of working with STC. The college mentioned that Margo was selected due to “his expertise in assessing companies’ workforce needs.”

“Carlos has worked at South Texas College for over 16 years, all of which have been in multiple roles within the workforce training or continuing education division. As a result, the committee felt he was the ideal candidate and he will continue to be an asset to the College,” Reed said.