Although I rarely find myself agreeing with President Donald Trump, on this occasion our views somewhat align.

Mexico needs our help to improve citizen security, and it’s time we take bold, concrete steps to do it. We have a moral obligation to make the offer just as Mexico has a moral obligation to accept it in the interest of protecting its citizens.

In the last few weeks we have witnessed massacres in the states of Michoacán, Sinaloa, and most recently the murders of dual Mexican-American citizens in Chihuahua which included innocent women and young children. The time for empty promises is over.

My question is: where do you draw the line? What does the “red line” look like before our offer is respectfully accepted? Or will the line be drawn only when our own citizens and national security interests are directly threatened?

I say this with absolute and total respect, love and admiration for our friends, neighbors and business partners to the south: if not now, when?

I clearly understand Mexico’s reaction and assertion of sovereignty. History and international law give them this right and their memory is without a doubt long. For a long time, many Mexicans viewed both the PAN (Partido Acción Nacional) and PRI (Partido Revolucionario Institucional) parties as “sell outs” to the United States.

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is different in this respect and quite the opposite.

He is one of the most popular Mexican presidents in recent history. He is not afraid to tell Mexico and international business elites “no!” to defend public interest. As president, he is still polling favorably and his party holds the majority in both chambers of Congress.

For the first time in decades, he is the only president to have the kind of domestic political support necessary to proudly accept our help and take the steps necessary to rid Mexico of the violence once and for all. The moment for President Lopez Obrador to cement his place in history and fulfill his legacy as a man of the people is now.

I do not condone war, but there must be action. Together, with Mexican government support combined with increased American involvement, we can develop and accomplish real national security strategies and goals to secure Mexico and bring about peace-of-mind for those in the United States. The Mexican people deserve this, and it is the duty President Lopez Obrador to provide them with the basic security to live peacefully and prosperously.