MCALLEN, RGV – McAllen ISD announced the new field sponsor will be Dairy Queens of the Rio Grande Valley for the McAllen Veterans Memorial Stadium.

Danny Vela, president of the McAllen ISD Board of Directors, announced the new sponsor at a McAllen Economic Development Corporation board meeting. 

Vela said the McAllen ISD board “made a commitment three years to put up a scoreboard without using any district money.” Vela thanked Robert Lozano, the president of Dairy Queen in the region, for sponsoring the scoreboard completely.

“We’re just excited to get to be even more involved with our local community,” Lozano said. “The community does wonderful things for our students and our staff that so many of them come through there. This is just one of the many ways we thought we could be involved in, have a relationship that we can build on and even continue to grow into the future.”

The name on the scoreboard will be set up late July and Vela says in the next three years he hopes to see more sponsorships coming in.

“It’s proven to be a very successful venture for those who have advertised on it and has certainly improved the scoreboard capacity at the stadium,” Vela said. “We certainly appreciate Mr. Lozano’s generosity and we look forward to a great marketing program. We’ve seen bits of it and it looks very aggressive and it will be well represented.”

Also in attendance at the McAllen EDC meeting was McAllen ISD Superintendent J.A. Gonzalez.

“We’re thrilled to be working with Dairy Queen,” Gonzalez said. “They’re a world class organization that’s grounded in solid customer service and are family-oriented so we’re very, very, happy to be working as a team to continue doing what’s best for children.”