VideoCuellar: Importance of internet connection on college campuses cannot be overstated

Congressman Henry Cuellar announces South Texas College has received $2.8 million under the Department of Commerce’s Connecting Minority Communities Pilot Program.

I’m here today to announce that South Texas College has received $2,850,148 million from the Department of Commerce’s Connecting Minority Communities Pilot Program.

Funding that will be used to improve internet access at STC campuses, specifically by:

  • upgrading fiber optic connections between the Starr County campus, the Mid-Valley campus and the STC Information Technology Hub, benefiting 2,273 students.
  • converting connections from analog to digital at the Technology and Mid-Valley campuses, benefiting 3,076 students
  • upgrading classroom technology by installing new desktop software, benefiting 26,562 students across all campuses
  • and providing hotspots for 350 students.
  • a total impact of over 26,000 students. 

Benefits of the project 

In this digital age, the Internet has become an indispensable tool that revolutionizes the way we learn, communicate, and access information. 

It has transformed the landscape of education and has become an integral part of our academic academic journey. 

First and foremost, internet connectivity on college campuses fosters a seamless and efficient learning environment.

Students and educators alike can access a vast pool of educational resources, research papers, and online libraries that transcend geographical barriers. 

It provides an opportunity for students to delve deep into their subjects, engage with diverse perspectives, and expand their knowledge beyond what the textbooks textbooks alone can offer. 

Moreover, the internet has opened the doors to collaborative learning. 

It allows students to collaborate with peers from different corners of the world, enriching their understanding of global issues and diverse cultures. This interconnectedness nurtures teamwork, communication skills, and the ability to work in virtual environments, skills that are highly sought after in today’s job market. 

Internet connectivity in college campuses also promotes a more inclusive and accessible learning experience. 

Students with physical disabilities, those in remote areas, or those facing other challenges can still actively participate in classes, access course materials, and interact with fellow students and faculty. In short, the internet has the power to level the playing field, ensuring that education is within reach for all.

Beyond academics the internet enables students to stay well informed and connected with current events, allowing them to be well-informed global citizens. It encourages the exchange of ideas and perspectives, encouraging healthy debates and critical thinking. 

For our hard work administrators, internet connectivity on college campuses plays a crucial role in enhancing efficiency. 

Online registration systems, digital communication platforms, and cloud-based storage make it easier for students to access their schedules, submit assignments, and receive timely updates from the college administration. 

This streamlines processes and reduces paperwork, making the college experience smoother and more enjoyable for everyone involved. 

In conclusion, the importance of internet connection on college campuses cannot be overstated. 

It is critical for education, and the STC CMC project will enhance education for all by sharing by empowering students, educators, and staff alike to thrive in an interconnected world, breaking down barriers and expanding the horizons of knowledge. 

That’s why I will continue working to ensure South Texas College and all our institutions of higher learning receive proper funding, allowing students to learn to their fullest potential. 

Editor’s Note: The above guest column was penned by Congressman Henry Cuellar of Laredo. He announced the new broadband infrastructure funding for South Texas College at a news conference in Rio Grande City on Aug. 8, 2023. Here, below, are his remarks in full:

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