Cowen: Let’s fly Brownsville to Las Vegas, and beyond

Everything Brownsville Mayor John Cowen said at the ribbon-cutting ceremony for Avelo Airlines’ nonstop Brownsville to Las Vegas service.

Thank you, Helen. Good morning one and all. 

I’m very pleased to be here today, standing in our beautiful new Brownsville-South Padre Island International Airport. Here alongside some phenomenal people who have worked tirelessly to get us here today. 

We are here to celebrate the beginning of a new flight destination. But more importantly, the continuation of a vision, one that underscores the potential of the great city of Brownsville as a nexus for connectivity, opportunity and progress. 

It gives me great pleasure to witness the inaugural flight from Brownsville-South Padre Island International Airport to the Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas. Such occasion might seem routine in the grand scheme of aviation history, but they hold profound meaning for the communities they connect. 

Today, we are not merely boarding a flight; we are opening up avenues of possibility for our city and its residents. 

The partnership between the City of Brownsville and Avelo Airlines is more than just a business alliance. It’s a testament to our shared commitment to unlocking the limitless potential of South Texas. Avelo’s decision to invest in our city and the unwavering support of our community has paved the way for this milestone – another airline destination.

The implications of this new service are manifold. No longer is the West Coast or the City of Dreams, Orlando, out of reach. With Los Angeles, Orlando, and now the vibrant Las Vegas added to our aviation map, the stories of families reuniting, friends embarking on unforgettable getaways, or entrepreneurs seizing cross-country opportunities are now not just dreams, but realities, waiting to unfold.

It is heartwarming to witness such developments. They stand as a reminder that when we dream collectively and work collaboratively, skies are never the limit. They’re just the beginning. 

This new service is not just an emblem of our aspirations, but also a testament to the relentless dedication of our city leaders. They have labored tirelessly, often behind the scenes, to bring about the economic momentum we are currently experiencing. 

It’s essential to understand that today is not the pinnacle of our growth; it’s one of the many milestones on our journey to craft a prosperous, connected and thriving Brownsville. The kind of Brownsville that we all envision, deserve and are actively shaping with every decision, initiative and partnership. Like the one we celebrate today. 

I want to take this opportunity to extend my deepest gratitude to Avelo Airlines for believing in our City’s potential and to every individual whose efforts have culminated in this triumphant moment. 

It’s a day of pride for the City of Brownsville, the beautiful city on the border, by the sea, and beyond. Today, we bridge two iconic cities – from our vibrant, culturally rich Brownsville to the bustling entertainment Capital of the World, fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada. 

With this new route, South Texans can now enjoy a nonstop journey to the dazzling lights and endless entertainment options that Las Vegas has offers. 

Let’s fly Brownsville to Las Vegas and beyond. Thank you.

Editor’s Note: The above commentary was provided by Brownsville Mayor John Cowen, Jr., at a ribbon-cutting ceremony at Brownsville-South Padre Island International Airport. The ceremony celebrated the start of Avelo Airlines flying nonstop from Brownsville, Texas, to Las Vegas, Nevada. The “Helen” Cowen mentioned in his remarks was Helen Ramirez, Brownsville’s city manager.

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