Thank you for the introduction, Jerry. Good morning and welcome to Brownsville. 

Being one of the few communities in the US chosen by SelectUSA for the third year consecutively, to host one of their spinoff events, is an absolute privilege. 

I thank everyone here today, especially those who have traveled far for joining us to learn more about our great city. The city of Brownsville through GBIC (Greater Brownsville Incentives Corporation) diligently promotes economic growth in our area by supporting innovation and fostering a skilled workforce. We collaborate with regional and international partners, many of whom are represented here today to support quality industrial development projects that will positively impact our local job market and enhance the quality of life in our community. 

Brownsville is the largest city in the Rio Grande Valley, the 18th largest city in the state based on population and serves as a county seat. It is one of Texas most historic cities with noted participation in the Mexican and Civil Wars, and one of Texas’ future cities to watch for its growing aerospace and space transportation sector.

To highlight some of our growth when comparing 2022 to the previous year, Brownsville doubled its total investment by recording a residential and commercial combined investment of $478.5 million. Brownsville demographics include a population of 187,000 with a young workforce with a median age of 29 and a half years of age. 

Brownsville is one of the most affordable cities in the US, with home values lower than the national median. In addition to housing costs, utilities and food prices are much more budget-friendly, allowing for approximately $14 per hour as the average wage in Cameron County. The city and Cameron County’s positive relationship with SpaceX at the South Texas Boca Chica launch facility demonstrates how having the right partner who understands a company’s short-, mid- and long-term needs is a recipe for supporting, preserving and enhancing new industries. 

More importantly, we know how a predictable and an open-for-business approach by local, regional and state governments can proactively assist projects with their existing and future programming needs. 

Brownsville and GBIC design and tailor for every project, an approach that ensures everyone’s goals are met. We are a huge proponent that open communication is the best conduit for collective success. 

I sincerely hope your takeaway today is that Brownsville is the best kept secret in South Texas and the state of Texas. As you know the potential for our region has been discovered by companies at the forefront of their industry. And we invite you to be a part of Brownsville’s history in the making. Join us. Take care everyone.

Editor’s Note: The above commentary was provided by John Cowen, Jr., chairman of the Greater Brownsville Incentives Corporation (GBIC) and a Brownsville city commissioner, at a recent 2023 SelectUSA Investment Summit spinoff event held at the Brownsville Museum of Fine Arts. The event was hosted by GBIC.

Editor’s Note: The “Jerry” Chairman Cowen referred to in his remarks was Jerry Briones, director of international business and industrial park development for GBIC.

Editor’s Note: The above commentary is the third in an 11-part series on the 2023 SelectUSA Investment Summit spinoff event hosted by GBIC. Part One features some of the commentary provided at the event by Port of Brownsville port director Eduardo Campirano. Click here to read it. Part Two features the commentary of Jasjit Singh, executive director of SelectUSA. Click here to read it.

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