ALAMO, Texas – The state of Texas is not investing properly in the Hispanic population of the state.

This is the view of Hidalgo County Judge Richard Cortez. Cortez spoke to reporters at a town hall meeting he hosted with his Prosperity Task Force. The meeting was set up to hear of the concerns of colonia residents. 

The Prosperity Task Force is looking for solutions to Hidalgo County’s high level of poverty. During the meeting, Cortez cited U.S. Census Bureau statistics which show that 25 percent of Hidalgo County’s population lives below the poverty line.

“I believe the state of Texas is not investing properly in creating the human capital in a population that’s going to be the majority of Texans. We Hispanics are already 40.5 percent of Texas, which is more than anybody else, and soon we’re going to be a super majority, we’re going to be over 50 percent,” Cortez told reporters.

“But, if most of us are in poverty, it most of us do not have the education, if most of us do not have a (good) household income, then, to borrow a phrase from space, Houston, we have a problem.”

Cortez, pictured above, said he is pleased with the Hidalgo County residents that have stepped up to be on the task force.

“The task force is trying to find a mechanism to be able to help as many people that want to be helped to get out of poverty. But, we cannot do it without Austin’s help because they’re the ones that have the money and the expertise and the different programs to help us do that.”

The 88th Legislature meets in January, 2023.

“We’re going to ask them is just to do that, to trust us. We’re going to put that money to good use. This is what this task force is (all about). To prove to them that we have a system in place that’s going to give good results.”

Here is a video of Judge Cortez’s interview with reporters at the Prosperity Task Force town hall meeting with colonia residents:


Editor’s Note: The above video news story is the second in a six-part series on the town hall meeting Judge Cortez and the Prosperity Task Force held in south Alamo. Click to here to watch Part One.

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