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As someone who’s shunned the traditional 9 to 5 job in favor of self-employment, I know the leap of faith it takes to dive into owning a business.

From the sole decision-making, to the pride you’ll inevitably feel once you nail that first big client, entrepreneurship can bring a sense of self-worth beyond measure.

The Hive Effect, of which I’m a proud member, is one of a number of Rio Grande Valley programs available to help business owners on their path toward entrepreneurial success. There’s strength in numbers, and working alongside like-minded individuals has given me the power to achieve more. As a cohort, we’ve gained access to small business classes, seminars, mentorship from respected community experts and a six-month membership to Grindstone Coworking to help us bring our visions to life.

The first of its kind in the Rio Grande Valley, Grindstone Coworking offers all the resources you need to launch and maintain your small business. This is achieved through clean, welcoming facilities, special networking events, a shared space with creative individuals highly skilled in their respective fields and endless Moonbeans coffee to keep you alert during long hours of chasing your dreams – the latter of which I’ve taken full advantage of. The culmination of these results in a working environment that promotes individuality and the comfort of a team environment that offers support you didn’t even know you needed. This is the magic of the coworking space.

Once you make the decision to start your own business, or at least consider the prospect, you’ll need to prepare for the complexities that lie ahead. Each week, my fellow members of the Hive Effect and Grindstone Coworking will offer in-depth advice about the various aspects of building your business and personal brand. From financial advice via expert advisors, to valuable information about real estate and navigating the intricate world of taxes, our members, along with the Edinburg EDC and Rio Grande Guardian, are eager to help our community unleash its limitless potential.

Do you own a small business? For more information about the Hive Effect, subscribe to our newsletter or contact Grindstone Coworking at 956-900-2190.