VideoAvelo Airlines offering $69 direct flights from Brownsville to Las Vegas

Twice weekly service on Mondays and Fridays. Affordable, convenient and reliable, says an Avelo executive.

BROWNSVILLE, Texas – Nonstop flights from Brownsville to Las Vegas are just $69, Avelo Airlines has announced.

Trevor Yealy, head of commercial at Avelo, spoke about the new service at a recent ribbon-cutting ceremony at Brownsville-South Padre Island International Airport.

Here are Yealy’s remarks in full:

“Good morning everybody. My name is Trevor Yealy. I’m head of commercial at Avelo Airlines and it’s time for Brownsville and South Padre to again say hello to Avelo.

“If you’re not familiar with Avelo and I hope most of you are at this point… but if you’re not familiar with us, we were founded in April of 2021 with one mission: to inspire travel. How do we inspire travel? We do so by providing everyday low fares, affordable travel, using highly convenient airports and providing reliable service. 

Trevor Yealy

“And since that first flight in April of 2021, we’ve completed over 25,000 flights, carried over three million customers across five bases all throughout the US. And, yesterday, we opened our sixth official base in Las Vegas. 

“And that’s what brings us here today. We are very excited to continue partnering with a great team here at Brownsville-South Padre airport to launch our very first flight, which is in in about 30 minutes, actually just under 30 minutes, from Brownsville to Las Vegas. 

“We’ll start twice weekly service on Mondays and Fridays with low fares at just $69, trying to continue to bring that affordable, convenient, reliable service to the Brownsville South Padre region. 

“In fact, since starting in May here, we’ve carried over 17,000 customers to both Orlando and Burbank and completed 100 percent of our flights. 

“We look forward to continued growth with this Las Vegas route. And we look forward to continuing the great partnership with that team that we have here at the Brownsville-South Padre airport as well as with the Brownsville and South Padre cities. And I want to thank everybody here and our customers most importantly in this region for trusting us with your hard earned money and giving us the loyalty, trusting us to take you from point A to point B on all these flights and we look forward to continuing to serve you in this region going forward. 

“Thank you.”

The other dignitaries to speakers at the ribbon-cutting ceremony were: Brownsville City Manager Helen Ramirez, Brownsville Mayor John Cowen, Jr., and the chairman of the board for Brownsville-South Padre Island International Airport, Ed Rivera.

Here is a video recording of their remarks:

Allegedly, Elvis flew in from Caesars Palace to perform at the ribbon-cutting ceremony. Here he is singing one of his biggest hits, Suspicious Minds:

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