Howdy, RGV. The only thing better than being in the Rio Grande Valley is being in the Rio Grande Valley with my wonderful wife, Cecilla. Thank you for being a fabulous First Lady for our great state. She has been such a loving mother and wife. She has been a role model by being a terrific teacher and principal. But I am proud as you are about the fact that my wife made Texas history when she became the first Hispanic First Lady in the history of our great state. Thank you, Cecilia Abbott.

Well it is great to join you at this Hispanic Leadership Summit. I am proud of all the Hispanic leaders who are a part of his summit today, some of whom are from here in the RGV. Others of whom are from across the entire state of Texas. But all of whom are doing a fabulous job of spreading the message that in the heart of Hispanics, they really are Republicans. And together they will keep Texas red.

Now I am back in the Rio Grande Valley so much because I so much care about this region. In fact, I have been to the Rio Grande Valley more than any other governor in the history of Texas. But I do more than just visit the Rio Grande Valley. I deliver for the people of the Rio Grande Valley.

Some examples. Before I was governor the Rio Grande Valley had no level one trauma center. What that meant is people who suffered traumatic injuries, they might have to go all the way to San Antonio or Corpus Christi or some other place in order to be treated. That was unacceptable. And so I promised that South Texas and the Rio Grande Valley would get a level one trauma center and now the Rio Grande Valley has one right here in Hidalgo County.

I promised more higher education opportunities and now the Rio Grande Valley has the Texas A&M Higher Education Center right here in McAllen, Texas.

I promised more roads and we have provided more than $2 billion in road funding for the RGV since I have been your governor.

To ensure that you all are going to have the power that you need to meet the demands of a growing population as well as a growing economy, I am supporting a billion dollar electrical power line to the RGV.

I also promised more jobs. And get this. Just last month more people in Hidalgo County had a job than ever before in Texas history.

The fact of the matter is that the Rio Grande Valley is truly brimming with promise. It is the promise of opportunity, of prosperity, and hope. The opportunity for better jobs. The opportunity for a better education. The opportunity for a better quality of life.

It is the prosperity that isn’t reserved for just a few. It goes to every single person across the entire state of Texas in every single region. And hope. The hope that every generation will have a brighter future.

It is promise that is not found just in the Rio Grande Valley but in every community across our state. Together, all of us, we have put Texas on a remarkable path toward a brighter future. A Texas where working families can do far more than just get by. They can flourish under the opportunities of the 9th largest economy in the entire world. A Texas where students don’t simply graduate with a diploma but they graduate with the preparation and the inspiration to take on college or take on a career. A Texas where every parent can rest easy knowing that their families are safe in their communities. And a Texas where we protect our constitutional rights and your individual liberties.

That is the Texas that we have worked so hard to create. But, we must fight to keep it that way. Because some want a completely different Texas. Where we have cut taxes they would raise them. Where we have created jobs, they would destroy them. Where we have supported our law enforcement officers, they would defund them. Where we have protected your constitutional rights, they threaten to take them away. And were we promote Texas exceptionalism they engage in fear mongering.

We cannot let big government liberals redesign our state with a progressive agenda that is destroying some parts of America. We need a proven winner who will fight to secure the future of Texas.

That is why, today, I am in the Rio Grande Valley. To officially announce my re-election to run as your governor of the great state of Texas.

Editor’s Note: The above commentary focuses on the Rio Grande Valley portion of Gov. Greg Abbott’s remarks at his re-election campaign kickoff held Saturday in McAllen, Texas. To watch the whole show, click here.

Editor’s Note: The main image accompanying the above commentary shows Gov. Greg Abbott signing autographs at his re-election campaign kickoff in McAllen, Texas, on Jan. 8, 2022.

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