The relationship between President-elect Andrés Manuel López Obrador and the business community has long been a tense one, says Chris Wilson of the Mexico Institute.

Chris Wilson

Writing for Forbes, Wilson, who is deputy director of the Wilson Center’s Mexico Institute, says many of the leaders of Mexico’s largest businesses sounded the alarm during the election campaign, endorsing alternate candidates and warning of the dire consequences of an AMLO presidency for the Mexican economy.

“Yet in the run up to and then in the immediate wake of the elections as his victory became inevitable, the value of the peso strengthened and Mexican stocks rallied,” Wilson writes.

After months of Mexico skepticism based on NAFTA and political risk, have the markets had a change of heart and become AMLOvers, as his enthusiastic supporters are known, Wilson asks.

“Yes and no. He has been effective, at least for now, in signaling to investors foreign and domestic that many of their worst fears are overblown,” Wilson states.

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Editor’s Note: The main image accompanying the above news clip shows Andrés Manuel López Obrador addressing supporters in Zocalo Square in Mexico City after winning the presidential election on July 1, 2018. (Photo: Pedro Pardo/AFP).