MCALLEN, Texas – The RGV Hispanic Chamber of Commerce held a Legislative Luncheon at the Radisson Hotel McAllen Airport on Aug. 25.

UT-Rio Grande Valley Vice President Veronica Gonzales pitched questions to two of the Valley’s state legislative delegation – Sen. Juan Hinojosa of McAllen and Rep. R.D. ‘Bobby’ Guerra of McAllen. 

One of the questions was about guns. Gonzales asked if the state of Texas was “too lax” on guns. She asked if Texas needs to introduce red flag laws and waiting periods for those wishing to purchase weapons. She also asked if assault weapons should be outlawed.

Rep. Guerra said he was disappointed his son purchased a “people gun.” 

Guerra comes from old South Texas ranching families who helped settle the Rio Grande Valley in the 1700’s. He grew up with guns on the family ranch and taught his children how to use guns and rifles.

At the luncheon, Guerra said:

“The other day I was talking to my son, and he was so excited to show me his new gun. He lives in San Antonio. Now, I grew up, I brought the kids up, learning how to shoot rifles with a scope, bolt action, shotgun, things of that nature, even pistols. 

“He says Dad, let me show you my new gun. He pulls out this box. It’s a damn machine gun. I find that very disturbing. I said, son, why did you buy a people gun? What’s this about?

“So, we talked about it. He says, you go to the gun range now, nobody uses a bolt action anymore. They have guns like this. 

“Wow. We have a lot to do in education. But we have a lot to do, as far as the laws are concerned, about people that own those type of weapons. And making sure that there’s some responsibility there.”

Here is the video featuring the analysis of Sen. Hinojosa and Rep. Guerra: