SULLIVAN CITY, Texas – A field organizer for Ground Game Texas says that she encountered apathy while canvassing potential voters in Sullivan City.

Lorena Ramirez said some residents said they would not vote because there is too much corruption. Others said they had already voted but did not know who they voted for. This was because an election worker ticked the boxes on the ballot.

Ramirez, a U.S. Army veteran and Rio Grande Valley native, was in Sullivan City with a colleague this past Saturday to make the case for Michelle Vallejo, the Democratic candidate for Congressional District 15. She said she and her colleague sought to educate potential voters on Vallejo’s policy positions, not tell them how to vote.

The Ground Game website states: “Ground Game Texas exists to organize and mobilize voters community-by-community, collaborating with partners on the ground to meet voters at their doors, hear their concerns, and highlight popular issues that are on the ballot.”

Here is the video interview with Lorena Ramirez:

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