MCALLEN, RGV – Tamaulipas Governor Francisco Garcia Cabeza de Vaca has complained about it many times – the volume of illegal weapons entering his state from Texas.

Cabeza de Vaca says the percentage of guns confiscated at crime scenes in his state that originated in the United States could be as high as 80 percent.

A new video story from the BBC quotes the U.S. Department of Justice as saying that of all the firearms found at crime scenes in Mexico, 70 percent originate in the U.S.

The video by Angélica M Casas points out that there is only one legal gun shop in Mexico. 

The story says U.S. weapons are feeding the crisis in Mexico – as is a high demand for drugs in the US. It points out that more than 33,000 killings in Mexico in 2018. In most of these killings, firearms were used.

Editor’s Note: Click here to watch the BBC news video.