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BROWNSVILLE, RGV – Mexican icon Vicente Fernández has recorded a corrido in support of Hillary Clinton for president. In 2000, Fernández sang at the GOP Convention in Philadelphia on the same night George W. Bush gave his acceptance speech.

In the corrido (ballad), Fernández expresses his support for Clinton and issues a call to action asking the Latino community to vote and to make its voice heard. The video was produced by the Latino Victory project.

“We are overjoyed to partner with one of the most prolific and talented recording artists in Latin America and the United States,” said Martín Diego García, Latino Victory Project director of campaigns.

“Vicente Fernández is a true legend who has earned the respect and admiration of the Latino community in the United States through a special mutual bond forged by his captivating music. He has inspired generations of Latinos with his music, and now he has stepped in to inspire us to vote in November and make our voices heard in this election. Vicente’s call to action is a powerful reminder that Secretary Clinton is the only candidate who will respect and work with the Latino community, and he is proud to stand with her.”

Fernández is the Frank Sinatra of Mexican popular music, the most recognized recording artist in his genre, ranchera music. He has recorded over 100 albums, sold nearly 70 million copies, and starred in dozens of movies. He has won eight Latin Grammys, 2 Grammys and 14 Premios lo Nuestro. He was also honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Click here to watch the video.