Vanguard Academy, in partnership with Saenz Pharmacy, rolled out a COVID-19 Booster Drive for Vanguard Academy Edinburg employees and families on Friday, August 27.  

“It is a free clinic and we are asking all Vanguard employees and families getting the booster shot to bring a copy of their license, show proof of their vaccination card, and complete two consent forms,” said Fabian Lozano, Saenz Pharmacy pharmacist.  

The FDA authorizes and recommends a booster dose for certain immune-compromised people.  

An estimated 70 booster shots were administered to adults who received a two-dose vaccine six months prior.  Pfizer and Moderna vaccines were able.

“It is a tremendous opportunity to be able to team up with Saenz Pharmacy and offer the Booster vaccine to our Vanguard employees and families,” said Dr. Narciso Garcia, Vanguard Academy Superintendent.  “We look forward to hosting more of these clinics for not just our employees but Vanguard families and the community.” 

Vanguard Academy currently hosts Saturday COVID-19 clinics from 8 am – 12 pm at Rembrandt T-STEM ECHS Zeke Martinez All Purpose Building.  Since July, Vanguard Academy, in partnership with Saenz Pharmacy, Molina Health Care, and CVS have vaccinated over 500 people.  A second booster vaccine clinic is scheduled for Friday, September 3, 2021 for Vanguard employees and families. 

“Vanguard Academy is doing its part to help keep our community, families, students and staff safe,” said Maria Muñoz, Vanguard Academy Chief of Staff. “We plan to continue our COVID-19 Vaccine clinics throughout the semester and we would like to thank all of our partners for this opportunity.”