MCALLEN, RGV – Ron Whitlock is gearing up for his annual grapefruit run.

The veteran broadcaster takes on an ambassadorial role in the winter months when he takes grapefruit from the Rio Grande Valley to the state Capitol in Austin. He gives the fruit to state leaders such as the Governor and the Lieutenant Governor, as well as key state legislators to say thank you for their help in developing public policy that helps the Texas-Mexico border region.

“The Rio Grande Valley is known for its grapefruit and oranges. What Ron does is great. He is our goodwill ambassador,” said Pablo ‘Paul’ Villarreal, treasurer and tax collector for Hidalgo County.

Whitlock, presenter of Ron Whitlock Reports and former presenter of Valley Newsline, has so far made one “grapefruit run” to Austin this winter. There will be more in early January. Just before the Christmas Holidays he delivered fruit around the Valley to various local leaders.

“I would like to give a shout out to Pittman & Davis, the Valley’s premier ‘gift fruit’ shipper. It employs 300 packers during the Christmas holiday season. They give us the highest quality fruit at a big discount,” Whitlock said.

State agencies or state legislative offices can request a box of grapefruit by calling Ron Whitlock at (956) 778-7903.