REYNOSA, Tamaulipas – A group of investors from the U.S. presented a water treatment plant project to the City of Reynosa.

The main goal is to guarantee a better potable water distribution service for more than 400 local neighborhoods. The project is based on a treatment plant using seawater.

According to Reynosa Mayor Maki Ortiz Dominguez, the potential investors explained the treatment plant would use a desalination process through an inverted osmosis method, which – according to the investors – would be less expensive than the water treatment system the city currently uses. Ortiz did not name the investors.

Ortiz said the project includes infrastructure for storage and provision. The volumes stored and provided would be determined by services needed by inhabitants of the city.

The project also considers using various water storage raised tanks to be able to help with the potable water pressure system already in place. The raised tanks would be able to store water for three to five days, making it possible to provide water in case of an emergency. Water pressure is low in many parts of the city.

Ortiz said the cost of the project would depend on how much water Reynosa residents use.

The Comisión Municipal de Agua Potable y Alcantarillado (Drinkable Water and Sewage System Municipal Commission – COMAPA) has a list of 250,000 users. Of this quantity, 48 percent pays for both services COMAPA provides, but 52 percent uses the services but doesn´t pay its bills.

A reason why this happens is because Reynosa is always receiving people from other areas who settle in colonias on the city outskirts, where public services cannot be provided unless there’s some kind of investment, Ortiz said.

She also said that in the first quarter of 2017, the City of Reynosa invested more than $26 million in different infrastructure projects to improve potable water services around town.