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MATAMOROS, Tamaulipas – U.S. Ambassador for Mexico, Roberta Jacobson, reviewed the progress of the construction for the new consulate building in Matamoros, Tuesday.

During her visit, Jacobson was accompanied by the US General Consul for Matamoros, Angela Kerwin, and Municipal President, Jesús de la Garza Díaz del Guante, along with others guests.

The U.S. Ambassador wanted to know what progress has been made on the new consulate building, Garza explained. The construction has a cost close to $180 million.

The new consulate is being built in a three-acre land and it will have an office building, dorms for U.S. Marines, a support area, and enough space to serve the community.

The new building is expected to open its door by May 2019, and it has special characteristics such as efficient energy, water conservation and drainage water recollection, Garza said.

Nowadays, the street in front of the actual U.S. Consulate for Matamoros is closed to traffic. Jacobson explained this is a situation that exists not only in this border city “but all around the world, because of extremist group activities,” Garza said. Once the new building begins operating, that street will be open to the public, he added.

The U.S. Consulate building in Matamoros is the oldest one in Mexico and also reports the highest visa permit and documentation process numbers.