MCALLEN, RGV – A new poll from Telemundo 40 KTLM and Mason-Dixon Polling & Strategy shows Hispanics in the Rio Grande Valley favor Lupe Valdez for Governor, and, by even greater margin, Beto O’Rourke for U.S. Senate.

Anchor Dalila Garza announced the results of the poll on Telemundo 40’s evening news shows on Wednesday evening. The survey is part of Telemundo’s new “Decisión 2018” election campaign season series.

O’Rourke, an El Paso congressman and Democrat, is favored by 61 percent of Valley Hispanics, while incumbent U.S. Senator Cruz, a Republican, is supported by 22 percent. In the governor’s race, former Dallas County Sheriff Valdez, a Democrat, is favored by 54 percent of Valley Hispanics, while incumbent Gov. Greg Abbott, a Republican, is supported by 32 percent.

A total of 625 Valley Hispanics who said they would vote in the November mid-term elections were polled for the survey. The issues they care most about are: Immigration and Border Security (20 percent), the Economy (15 percent) and Healthcare (12 percent).

Among the 625 Valley Hispanics polled, 69 percent said they would vote Democrat and 27 percent said they would vote Republican.

In the Senate race, the poll showed, O’Rourke’s support is even higher among those aged under 50. Of those backing O’Rourke, 58 percent were under 50 years of age. Of those supporting Cruz, 27 percent were under 50 years of age.

Telemundo 40 and Mason-Dixon Polling & Strategy will be revealing the attitudes of Valley Hispanics on other issues in the coming days. On Thursday, the evening newscasts will focus on opinions on Immigration, the Border Wall and Sanctuary Cities. On Friday, the focus will be on Gun Purchase Regulations and Firearms in Public Schools. Next Monday, the focus will be on Healthcare, Abortion and the Recreational Use of Marijuana. Next Tuesday, the focus will be on the Economy.

On Sept. 1, Telemundo 40 rolled out a civic engagement campaign in the Valley titled “Tu voz en español se escucha más VOTANDO” (“Your voice in Spanish is heard louder by VOTING”). The campaign included phone banks to help raise awareness among viewers about the importance of civic participation, and information on how voters can register to vote.

On Election Day, November 6, Telemundo 40 will dispatch its news teams to various parts of Texas to capture the latest news as Hispanics in the Lone Star State decide who they want for Governor, U.S. Senator and other key races.

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