MATAMOROS, Tamaulipas – The State of Tamaulipas along with Mexico’s Education Department, the United States Consulate in Matamoros, and colleges in South Texas will support a program to make the Universidades Tecnológicas (Technological Universities) a bilingual platform, Tamaulipas Governor Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca announced.

Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca

He said such a trajectory will allow students to graduate from the state’s institutions with a better preparation to help them face the challenges that Tamaulipas has in the short and long period.

Recognizing its contributions to education and its commitment to students, the Public Education Secretary (SEP) and the National Technological Universities Association (ANUT) delivered a formal recognition to the Technological University of Matamoros (UTM).

UTM is the first higher education school to receive this award in Tamaulipas. Only two institutions are recognized each year with this award.

“We will have the support to begin a new era of transition so our Technological Universities in Tamaulipas can become bilingual, and this is the commitment we have taking to have a more competitive state,” said García Cabeza de Vaca, with regard to coordination between the SEP and American officials. “The award delivered by the Public Education Secretary and the National Technological Universities Association is a worthy distinction and, at the same time, an incentive to continue supporting the technological education as an agent of social and economic change for the state.”

Later, the Governor of Tamaulipas inaugurated the Module 3 facilities inside the Laboratory of Innovation and Technological Development at UTM, which has areas for robotics, virtual reality, and welding simulation.

Last but not least, the Assistant Secretary for Higher Education, Salvador Jara Guerrero announced that UTM will host the National Applications Competition in the near future.