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REYNOSA, Tamaulipas – Looking forward to help in cases of kidnapping and people disappearance in the State, the Governor of Tamaulipas, Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca announced the Kidnapping Victims Executive Awareness Committee.

After García met with representatives of different civil society organization, and families of the victims, he guaranteed the creation of the committee.

Through this committee, members will be able to comply with the Attention for Victims General Law, will respect, protect and warranty the victim’s’ right, and will keep an eye on the authorities because they need to comply with its obligations of prevent, research and sanction crimes, such as kidnapping, the Governor said.

García announced the Victim’s Law Bill, and said he will reactivate the Search for Kidnapped, Disappeared or Not Located People Search Unit.

This Unit exists so far, but it’s not active, according to him.

Parents, siblings, spouses, and children of disappeared people in Tamaulipas, asked García to consider their worries, and to admit this crime does exists in Tamaulipas.

“They expressed their wish to work with authorities in any effort to find the disappeared, and to offer assistance to family victims,” he said.

Families which met the Governor are part of groups such as “Ciencia Forense Ciudadana,” “Justicia Tamaulipas A.C,” “Red de Desaparecidos en Tamaulipas, A.C.,” “Buscando a Nuestros Hijos Ausentes de Tamaulipas,” and Colectivo de Familiares y Amigos de Desaparecidos.”

Editor’s Note: This story was translated into English by Rio Grande Guardian editor Melva Lavín-Castillo. Click here to read the original posting in Spanish.

News Release

Here is the Governor’s news release:

After nearly six years of being ignored by local authorities, members of civilian organizations involved in the search for missing persons in Tamaulipas, met with Governor Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca recently.

In the meeting, the social activists seeking missing victims from criminal violence in the state, and the governor made a commitment to proceed with the integration of the State Executive Committee for Victims. The purpose of the committee, is to define the make up of the group and thereby comply with the provisions of the General Law for Victims.

This committee will respect, protect and guarantee the rights of victims of crime, it will also monitor authorities to fulfill their obligations to prevent, investigate and punish unlawful acts such as kidnappings or disappearances.

Accompanied by the General Secretary and the Head of the Governor’s Office, Cesar Augusto Verástegui Ostos and Victor Sáenz Martínez, the Governor also said his administration will proceed with the preparation of the Regulation for Victims, as well as the reactivation or integration of a search unit of Missing Persons. This unit currently exists, but it is practically ineffective, according to the representatives of the various organizations.

Families of the missing residents meeting with the Governor are part of several civil organizations such as the “Citizen Forensic Science”; “Justice A.C. Tamaulipas,” “Network of Disappeared in Tamaulipas, A.C.,” “Looking For Our Absentee Children Tamaulipas” and “Relatives and Friends of the Disappeared”.

For nearly two hours the Governor heard from parents, siblings, spouses and children who first thanked him for recognizing the serious problem of disappearances in Tamaulipas and for addressing this problem that previous administrations resisted or refused to recognize and address.

They expressed their desire to word with the authorities in actions contributing to the search of missing persons and to provide care for family members of victims.

Members of civil society organizations expressed confidence that the Governor is sensitive to painful problem they face, and with his support, they will continue toward the pursuit of justice and the search for their relatives.

“I know the pain of each family by the disappearance of a father, husband, son or daughter, but I ask that they understand the process of responding to requests, which at times could be prolonged, but will be seen as it is possible for the government to do so,” the Governor said. “The government and its resources will be made available to the victims and their families.”