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REYNOSA, Tamaulipas — Automobile manufacturers from South Korea have expressed interest in searching and looking for suppliers based in Tamaulipas.

The interest stems from the state’s “great geographic location and close proximity to the United States,” according to Carlos Talancón Ostos, State Secretary for Economic Development.

Recently, state officials visited South Korea on a promotional tour after being invited by the Korean Automobile Manufacturers Association (KAMA).

During the visit and while meeting with managers from different assembly plants such as Hyundai, Hyundai Mobis, and General Motors Korea, the Mexican representatives explained the competitive advantages Tamaulipas has.

A team from ‘Pro México’ traveled with the state officials. In South Korea, they were given a presentation about the operations the mentioned transnational companies carry out, and the group was able to visit a vehicle assembly plant.

Talancón Ostos said the Mexican delegation was able to meet with Edvaldo Crepaldi, vice president for General Motors Korea. It was Crepaldi who showed interest in locating suppliers in México, with the future idea of establishing themselves in México.

During the Seoul Motor Show 2017, representatives from Tamaulipas met with the major provider for Hyundai, the Hyundai Mobis company. The Motor Show gathered the top automobile assembly companies in the world.

Last but not least, Talancón Ostos hopes South Korean investors will be establishing in Tamaulipas due to all the benefits the state can guarantee.

Editor’s Note: Photos in the slideshow were taken by Blanca Zumaya. Translation into English by Melva Lavín-Castillo.