Located near the expressway, the clinic provides comprehensive healthcare services to children, adults and the  elderly in the expanding South Mission area and beyond 

Sometimes the most difficult part of staying on top of your health is just getting to the doctor. Obstacles like time  and distance can cause some to delay scheduling their annual checkups and immunizations, which can lead to  serious health issues, including a severe illness. 

To help remove some of the barriers, South Texas Health System Clinics has opened dozens of specialized clinics throughout the Rio Grande Valley, and on Tuesday, July 27, STHS Clinics held a grand opening and ribbon-cutting  ceremony to launch its newest clinic, which specializes in family medicine. South Texas Health System Clinics  leaders, staff and clinicians were joined by local leaders for the small, socially distanced event. 

“There’s no doubt healthcare is one of the most important domains in any community, and South Texas Health  System Clinics is committed to serving the people of the Rio Grande Valley, providing access to quality healthcare,”  says Christian Martinez, Market Director, South Texas Health System Clinics. “In recent years, there’s been  tremendous residential expansion in the Mission area just south of the expressway, and this clinic will allow us to  better serve the people who’ve moved into that area, and ensure they have a physician in the area they can turn  to when the need arises.”  

Located in the shopping center at the corner of Expressway 83 and Shary Road, the new Mission clinic offers  comprehensive, quality healthcare to members of the local community, treating conditions ranging from asthma  and acute pain to heart disease and more. 

“The City of Mission is growing by leaps and bounds, and it’s crucial that we have enough healthcare providers  locally to help keep our community healthy,” says Dr. Armando O’Caña, Mayor, City of Mission. “We’re glad that  the people of Mission will have access to this new location to get the medical care they require, as well as have  access to preventative care options. If this past year has taught us anything, it’s that it’s important to prioritize our  health, and this STHS Clinics location will help us do just that.” 

With an array of services offered under one roof, all family members can get the care they need, and even  schedule their visits together. 

“With family medicine, we’re able to consult dad about his high blood pressure in one room while his child is  receiving their back-to-school physical in the next,” says Dr. Brenda Salinas, the physician based at the new Mission clinic. “It really helps streamline the healthcare process and ensures everyone stays in optimal health.”

Since opening its doors in mid-July, the clinic has already served more than 200 patients. The South Texas Health  System Clinics Family Medicine Clinic, located at 201 S. Shary Rd., Suite 100, Mission, TX 78572 is open Monday – Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 

About South Texas Health System Clinics 

About South Texas Health System Clinics South Texas Health System Clinics is a multi-specialty branch of South  Texas Health System with the mission of providing high-quality healthcare to residents of Rio Grande Valley.  Established in 2012 as Valley Care Clinics, the brand has since grown from five clinics to 18. In February 2020, the  name was changed to South Texas Health System Clinics to better align with its sister company, South Texas Health  System. With locations throughout the Valley and telehealth visit capabilities, South Texas Health System Clinics  provides patients with a wide variety of options for quality, compassionate care across several specialties, ranging  from family medicine and outpatient rehabilitation to gastroenterology, gynecology and cardiology. For more  information about South Texas Health System Clinics and its comprehensive services, please visit  www.sthsclinics.com.