WESLACO, Texas – A site selector from Europe who is working to bring manufacturing companies to the Rio Grande Valley has penned a new book.

Charlotte Nytoft, from Denmark, has authored, “Export Across the Pond,” to help both U.S. businesses that want to expand into Europe and European companies that to grow in the United States.

Nytoft was on a site sector tour of the Valley a couple of years ago. Recently she participated on a “virtual” tour of the South Texas and Tamaulipas sea and water ports. Both of these events were hosted by Matt Ruszczak, executive director of the Rio South Texas Economic Council. Nytoft first connected with RSTEC and Ruszczak via the Transatlantic Business and Investment Council, which helps European companies set up shop in the United States.

“Secrets to avoid rookie mistakes, apply best practices for exports, and prosper in your transatlantic growth adventure,” says the front cover of Export Across the Pond.

Nytoft said she has had the idea for a book about exporting for some time. 

“I always had the idea that I should write the book for the audience of my native Danish fellow business men and women. Then suddenly it dawned on me that I wanted to take it a step further and actually make my target audience broader in scope and actually more targeted towards American exporters.”

Nytoft said there are a number of initiatives in the United States to help the U.S. business community with exports. She said the U.S. Department of Commerce has a number of initiatives, as does the Organization for Women in International Trade.

“So, I thought it would actually be a good idea to make the book apply to both Europeans going to the United States and United States businesses going to Europe.”

Nytoft said she hopes her book will help potential exporters avoid some basic mistakes she has seen made over the years.

“I have come to realize throughout my many years as an advisor for exporting businesses that it it is basically the same mistake they make. It is not understanding their customers, not understanding the markets whether that is in Europe or the United States, not paying enough attention to the culture,” Nytoft said.

Another mistake for exporters to avoid, Nytoft said, is partnering with the wrong people.

“People that are not interested in the good connection for the companies in the long run, and actually not preparing for the growth that will come along with a successful export venture. Being too modest in your ambitions for your new export venture.”

Such errors are universal, Nytoft explained, in a Zoom conversation with the Rio Grande Guardian. “So, that is why I came up with the idea of making the book apply to both Europeans and United States businesses, new to exporting outside the home markets.”

For this reason, she said, the book was written in English rather than Danish. 

While her speciality has been the Scandinavian countries, Nytoft has worked a lot in Germany and also knows about doing business in other European countries. 

“It is basically the same mindset that applies. You see the United States as one market, you pay way too little attention on your customers, you spend way too much time engaging with a partner that in the long run is not the right fit for you and not helping your business achieve… realize the potential that is available to you in the U.S. market.”

Nytoft added: “I hope that regardless if you are a European business man or women or a U.S. business owner, that you would find value in reading the book.”

Nytoft’s book can be purchased on Amazon. Click here for the link.

Here is our Zoom conversation with Charlotte Nytoft:

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