VideoSergio Guajardo Castellanos makes a pitch for Tamaulipas at the Border Trade Advisory Committee meeting

More than 850 transnational companies have chosen Tamaulipas to establish their operations. This places Tamaulipas as the 6th best state in Mexico for attracting foreign direct investment.

MCALLEN, Texas – Sergio Guajardo Castellanos is deputy manager of marketing for the Port of Altamira in Tamaulipas.

At a recent meeting of TxDOT’s Border Trade Advisory Committee, Guajardo gave a presentation, including video, on transportation and economic development projects happening in the State of Tamaulipas. 

The BTAC meeting was held at the McAllen Convention Center.

This is the commentary from the video:

“Tamaulipas is the trading post for the most important economic region in America. With a population of 3.6 million inhabitants, it has an excellent geographical location in the northeast of Mexico, sharing a direct border with Texas and the United States. Tamaulipas has the most connected border in Mexico. It has 18 International crossings with Texas, which positions the state as the number one in Mexico with the highest trade flow with United States. Representing 41.6% of the total road flow in the country. And 54% of the total flow by rail. In addition to him on the bus has three seaports and five international airports, which allows for an excellent connectivity with the rest of the world. 

“Tamaulipas has a diversified economy. Its main industries include foreign trade, electric-electronic, automotive, energy, chemical-petrochemical, agribusiness, and tourism. With a strong local supplier base Tamaulipas companies are linked to a global supply chain meeting strict international quality standards. 

“More than 850 transnational companies have chosen Tamaulipas to establish their operations and to keep growing. Like Caterpillar, Nidec, APTIV, Panasonic, Posco, LG, Black & Decker, Kemet, Uflex, and Emerson. This has positioned Tamaulipas as the sixth place in attracting foreign direct investment in Mexico.

“Tamaulipas is a highly educated region where every year more than 7,300 engineers 18,900 bachelor’s and 3700 PhDs graduate. The human talent, natural resources, connectivity, industrial infrastructure and quality of life allow new investments to find a perfect place to develop their projects here. 

“Tamaulipas is a region of opportunities, offering a great quality of life to its citizens and generating great confidence with investors. The transformation of Tamaulipas is underway. The state government works firmly for the generation of sustainable development was a humanist vision of a well-being for all. 

“Tamaulipas is your best investment.”

Here is a video recording of Guajardo’s remarks at the BTAC meeting:

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