Samuel Freeman: How legal migration challenges are driving emergency at southern border

Ms. Anisa Thobhani is correct. However, she omitted one type of visa that is very important in several ways, and that is the student visa. So many of those trying to immigrate to the U.S., whether entering with a visa or without documentation are not well educated. And as noted, their first language generally is not English, if they have any English proficiency at all. Immigrants entering on a student visa generally have reasonably good English proficiency or enroll in English as a Second Language courses at the university that has accepted them. Once they complete their education, many return home; but many also seek jobs in the U.S. With the current large number of job openings, often requiring at least a bachelors degree, immigrant students are a tremendous asset for our economy.

Ms Thobhani is correct in her criticisms of our current immigration laws. The foundation of our immigration law was passed by Congress over a century ago. It is woefully out of date. Over the years there have been piece-meal revisions that have complicated the law and made it so cumbersome, as Ms Thobhani notes, it can take years for someone to obtain a visa they should be able to obtain in a few months at most.

All of the problems we have with immigration law actually hurt this nation in ways most people do not recognize. We are an aging population. The death rate now exceeds, or very soon well exceed the birth rate, meaning, without immigration, we will have a declining population. As Baby Boomers retire, more and more job opening will go unfilled because we simply do not have the people to fill those positions. Our solution is immigration. As Ms Thobhani said, we are a nation of immigrants. It is immigrants who made this nation, who made us into the beautiful nation we are, and who will continue to build our nation and not only maintain, but improve its beauty.

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