MISSION, RGV – The mayor of Reynosa has asked the Mexican federal government a special budget to help her city look after immigrants from other parts of the world.

Maki Ortíz Domínguez said these migrants must be asked to join the labor force while waiting for their visas to enter the United States.

“The problem of immigration is a problem that faces the border cities where we must have a special budget from the federal government to meet these needs that cost between 300 and 500 pesos a day for each immigrant,” Ortíz said.

The mayor made her remarks in an exclusive interview with the Rio Grande Guardian at the Club of Cimarron in Mission on Wednesday. She was there to give an update on border security and economic development projects to INDEX Reynosa, the trade association for the maquiladora industry.

“We have been very supportive to have an understanding so that immigrants who stay in the city for more than a month can join the workforce while waiting for visas that are going to arrive or not. At the end of the day, the immigration that is taking place is a foreign immigration.”

Ortíz said Reynosa, like another border city, is a city of immigrants.

“For every 1,000 people, there are 400 from Cuban, 300 from Central America, 150 to 180 from other parts of the world and only 12 Mexicans,” Ortiz said.

She said that there are shelters for these immigrants and these detail the number of repatriations they have made.

We have shelters where we always receive them for human rights. But, it is a very large cost for the municipality. We have repatriated more than 2,300 people to their place of origin this year and we have to continue working,” Ortíz said.

The mayor said she hopes that border cities receive a budget allocated for this matter.

“I would like for the congress and the chamber of deputies to return to this new law of income, the fund for immigrants that existed two years ago, where money was labeled for the states, but that on this occasion the money would be granted to border municipalities that attend to this problem.”