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EDINBURG, RGV – La Sienna Development’s upcoming Resaca Market will now contain a major hotel chain and movie theater, according to developers.

Todd Gilliland
Todd Gilliland

Project director Todd Gilliland addressed the Edinburg Economic Development Corporation board of directors during their regular meeting on Tuesday afternoon. During his presentation Gilliland announced that La Sienna, through Burns Brothers Development will begin their newest commercial project “Resaca Market” likely over the next 90 days.

The commercial project is slated to bring a still unnamed national hotel chain and movie theater to the north Edinburg area, along with upscale apartments and condominiums. The hotel and movie theater alone would represent possibly an investment of more than $10 million, according to Gilliand, who refrained from giving exact figures.

The Resaca Market development is slated to be located along the expressway or frontage road area on La Sienna’s west side.

“This brings you into the level of having a destination where people will perhaps stop or perhaps come in from Monterrey and want to locate out there. Part of Resaca Market is not just commercial shopping and restaurants and hotels and theaters. It’s condos and apartments, more of the high-end than you would typically see,” Gilliand said.

“We know that a tremendous amount of our financial growth comes from Monterrey. We have some designers who are very familiar, who do business there and who have lived there. We are trying to offer those people an alternative to other places that are overbuilt and very congested at the moment.”

La Sienna is the name of the master-planned community located on 726 acres in north Edinburg. The project began in 2006 by the Burns family who contributed more than $16 million in infrastructure to the development that has now increased to 200 homes located within two subdivisions.

La Sienna contains two distinct markets, Valencia, which is a subdivision of homes that start around the $170,000 range and go up to $270,000; and the Coves subdivision, which is reserved for the executive with one-third acre lots and homes typically in the $300,000 to $400,000 range.

At the EDC meeting, Gilliand also announced the start of a still unnamed third subdivision that will likely contain 150 homes in the $250,000 to $325,000 range.

“I think when the announcements are made, assuming it all comes together, it will be very exciting and become a true destination like Mr. Kent Burns is envisioning,” Gilliand said. “We are not looking to copy what anybody else has done. We are following an idea of creating something different and exciting like everybody talks about but it’s very challenging to put the pieces together.

“I think they see that are working with a unique developer, and that it’s not an idea that’s just thrown together. It’s a very calculated and ambitious destination-themed location,” he said. “You don’t have too many development sides that are several hundred acres that will all have continuity.”