Reaction to Rio Grande Guardian news articles – Weekending Aug. 5

Commentary from Charlotte Ramsey, Christopher Grasso, Caly Fernandez, David Girault, Guillermo Aguilar, Omar Guevara, and Jerry Briones.

Charlotte Ramsey: Some Mission residents will never receive  any compensation 

Re the Guardian story, “Exclusive: Final settlement monies coming to Hayes Sammons lawsuit plaintiffs.”

We have thousands of disabled citizens whose lives and needs have been basically ignored. Their lives have been shattered. These people deal with cancer, gross deformities, miscarriages, still births, damaged body organs, etc. The list goes on and on. They should have been moved out of that area in Mission, Texas and given a chance at a better life somewhere else. The companies that used them for money and power should be responsible for improving their shattered lives. Meanwhile many are waiting for that final check for a hundred dollars, some more, some less, supposedly based on bodily damages. Some will never receive  any compensation because they died during 25 years of waiting for assistance.

Charlotte Ramsey

Mission resident

Christopher Grasso: There are a lot of questions about this deal that will never be answered 

Re the Guardian story, “Villalobos: Edinburg CISD would have benefited if Zoho had gone to north McAllen.”

So he (McAllen Mayor Javier Villalobos) admits it was all about the tax money. The entire thing was absurd. The idea that there wasn’t another site, within McAllen, that would have worked is ludicrous. Additionally, the way the City handled this was questionable at best. Why did the City request rezoning? The City could have entered into a contingency contract to sell the land to Zoho. Zoho would have then requested the zoning change themselves and been required to submit a development plan to justify rezoning. Instead, the property is rezoned with no true indication of what will become of it, regardless of what they say. Another point to consider, why would a tech company need 90+ acres of light industrial land to build a company campus? Wouldn’t rezoning to office use be more appropriate? There are a lot of questions about this deal that will never be answered now because the City chose to ignore the citizens of McAllen and circumvent the planning and zoning process.

Christopher Grasso

Chairman of Asian Global Holdings

Caly Fernandez: McAllen leadership needs to do more to protect green spaces

Re the Guardian story, “Villalobos: Edinburg CISD would have benefited if Zoho had gone to north McAllen.”

It shouldn’t have been rezoned! McAllen leadership needs to do more to protect green spaces. Zoho Institute doesn’t have a good track record and questionable leadership!

Caly Fernandez

Executive director of Puentes de Cristo

David Girault: I don’t understand why ‘going north’ was the only option?

Re the Guardian article, “McAllen city commissioners vote to rezone Green Jay Park.” 

I don’t understand why “going north” was the only option?  What happened to the 120 acre master-planned research and advanced manufacturing park MEDC has been planning for over ten years on the south side, less than a 1/2 mile from the Green Jay location?

David Girault

McAllen resident

Guillermo Aguilar: Thank you Jordana Barton-Garcia

Re the Guardian story, “Barton-Garcia gives update on broadband funding opportunities for RGV communities.”

Thank you Jordana for all of your efforts that not only help South Texas but the entire nation.  Steve, really appreciate you highlighting these initiatives which are fundamentally transformational to our region.

Guillermo Aguilar

Brownstone Consultant

Omar Guevara: Thank you Juan Olaguibel for your dedication and leadership

Re the Guardian article, “Olaguibel: Once it starts crossing loaded trucks, Anzalduas will be at full capacity.”

Thank you Juan Olaguibel for your dedication and leadership with our Anzalduas Bridge. This bridge already serves as our strongest feeder for Mexico tourists who come to shop, participate in sports tournaments, and to overnight on their way to other destinations. Now, with the growth of trucking on the Anzalduas, business will continue to grow for our community.

Omar Guevara 

General manager Radisson Hotel McAllen Airport

Jerry Briones: Meeting between GBIC and Duncan Wood was significant

Re the Guardian news article, “Audio & Video: Everything Duncan Wood said at GBIC event.”

The meeting between the Greater Brownsville Incentives Corporation (GBIC) and Dr. Duncan Wilson, Vice President for Strategy and New Initiatives at the Wilson Center, marks a significant step towards exploring Re-shoring Opportunities for Border Communities.

This economic development strategy represents a unique opportunity to leverage our community’s strategic location, infrastructure, and workforce to attract businesses to the region of South Texas.

However, re-shoring is about more than just economics. It’s about improving the quality of life for our citizens. By attracting businesses to our city, we increase employment opportunities, bolster our tax base, and stimulate economic growth. This benefits our current citizens and sets the stage for the bright future of the coming generations.

Thank you, Dr. Duncan Wilson for your great presentation!

Jerry Briones

Interim Executive Director

Greater Brownsville Incentives Corporation

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