Reaction to Rio Grande Guardian news articles – Weekending Aug. 27

Commentary from: Valentina Rivera, Juan Valdez, Ned Sheats, William Cannon, Raul Ibarra, Steve Sessions, Ricky Lee Silber, and Mónica Patricia Pérez Higa.

Valentina Rivera

Aug. 25, 2023:

I would like to take a minute of your time and just thank you for all that you do to assure that our students and their future is cleaner and reachable. I am an AVID teacher here at New Tech Odessa and just wanted to express my gratitude for protecting our future. 

I share your web resources as my students plan their career path and explore the importance of knowing what each position is responsible for in the oil industry.

Once again thank you.

Juan Valdez

Aug. 23, 2023

In his guest column, headlined: “As we speak…,” Gary Joe Mounce writes: “But, more than Mother Nature, we face danger from evil gate-keepers who suppress valiant trespassers from Mexico and beyond who come to Texas, once, Mexico.” 

They make this thing called a Front Door. It’s in every house around the world. They come with locks, to keep the people inside safe from harm. 

If you think a person who breaks the law is ‘valiant’, using the excuse they once lived someplace so they will always have a right to it. Then, you do not wish to live in a country with laws. If you like to live in a country without law, corruption, greed and murder? Then go there, and enjoy your life. Or possibly come down from your righteous tower and  see how your ‘valiant trespassers’ have poisoned our youth and destroyed our cities.

Ned Sheats

Aug. 23, 2023

Sounds like Alamo may be falling into the same trap that Mission’s last administration fell into. What is the payback time on the investment? Are the lights as bright as the old ones. Who did the study that declared Alamo is losing money on un-billed water because of the old meters not leaks.

William Cannon

Aug. 22, 2023

I’m a African American citizen living in the Rio grande valley looking for internships mentoring programs for startup companies to help people get assistance in learning in my area.

Raul Ibarra

August 18, 2023

Would like to meet and discuss what now is considered one voice/one region, the RGV. The US-Mexico border and our homeland has always been one. Conserving the today trillion dollar region needs to have a plan. 


Steve Sessions

Aug. 17, 2023

Stick with oil and gas. Wind and solar are a waste of money and resources. Coal is better than wind and solar. Anyone that has done any research knows oil and gas are the best reliable and renewable resources on earth. God gave us these things for energy

Ricky Lee Silber

Aug. 17, 2023

I’d like to share my love and appreciation for the great state of Texas in the hopes that others appreciate the blessed gift they have of living here. I’ve got quite the story to share, but I’ll keep it short as I’m sure you’re swamped as it is.

Myself, my wife, our 4 kids and dog are all Canadians. And like many Canadians living in Canada during Covid, we struggled through the heavy-handed and seemingly, tyrannical laws imposed by the Canadian lawmakers. Books, clothes, school stationary among many other store items were taped-off, unavailable to the public for purchase, citing only “essential” items could be purchased. My kids were threatened with suspensions from school if caught with their masks not covering their faces, even during gym class outdoors, and similarly threatened with suspensions if caught speaking to their friends during lunch time. A special hotline telephone number was made available to snitch on neighbors for having more than their allotted number of visitors allowed in their own homes – a cash reward for the caller and a hefty fine for the ‘offender’ would follow, creating fear and distrust in all neighborhoods. With borders closing and passport renewals on hold, we filled one backpack each and drove to freedom in Texas, leaving everything else behind. I started a business here and through it aim to give back to the US through job creation and supporting other US businesses. Texans truly are the best people we’ve ever met. God bless Texas.

Mónica Patricia Pérez Higa

Aug. 12, 2023

Quisiera compartir mi historia, soy artista plástico, realicé un collage intitulado “Agradecer” con la intención de donar mi obra, en la gala del I.M.A.S. Para honrar a la familia LaMantia, el próx. 26 de Agosto; Resulta que expiró el tiempo de recepción, por lo cual acudo a su periódico para dar a conocer mi trabajo y fortalecer lazos interculturales; He vendido realizando servicio a mi comunidad desde hace 23 años, porque amo servir!. Y me interesa sobremanera la salud y la educación integral de los infantes!! Por su valiosa atención mil millones de gracias!!

“Carpe diem”

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