Re: World Wide LAM Awareness Day

Dear Editor,

May 30, 2015

June 1st is World Wide LAM Awareness Day to raise awareness of a rare disease that affects women.

About 1,400 American women like me and an estimated 3,500 globally have been diagnosed with LAM or Lymphangioleiomyomatosis, a progressive and deadly rare lung disease, which affects women during their child bearing years.

On June 1st, I will join other women with LAM, scientists and clinicians around the world who are researching the disease, along with The LAM Foundation to pay tribute to these efforts on World Wide LAM Awareness Day.

Although I fight LAM every day of my life, I am proud to be part of a community of women who have raised money and awareness to find a treatment for this disease. We are working together to find a cure.

I want to thank Dr. Adolfo Kaplan from Pulmonary & Sleep Center of The Valley and Dr. Khalid Almoosa from University of Texas Health Center & LAM Specialty Clinic in Houston, TX for their optimal care and dedication. Along with other doctors, they are treating women with LAM like me and instilling a sense of aspiration every day, so we can find a cure together.

Frances Saldivar
Weslaco, Texas