Dear Editor,

July 18, 2016

The history of black lives matter have been exemplified by chants: “What do you want?  Dead cops,  When do you want it?” “Now.” and “Fry them like bacon.”

With that incitement 5 cops died in Dallas and now three in Baton Rouge. And Black Lives Matter supporters were carrying long rifles in Dallas and it led to police confusion. Comments by BLM leaders that “All Lives Matter” and “Blue Lives Matter” are “racist” are patently incorrect and are racist.

With that history, I supported the Valley Blue Defenders counter rally and encouraged other patriotic Constitution loving Americans to participate. To avoid confrontation of open carrying protestors, I suggested no open carry. With the “History” of BLM, concealed carry is prudent. But I was advocating a peaceful counter demonstration; even though BLM has NEVER had that goal. If that is inciting, we have a new definition from the left. That’s typical.

If Black Lives Matter is now expressing peaceful protest, we welcome it. Peaceful dialog always is preferred and can lead to solutions. With the Black Lives Matter’s previously expressed non-productive solutions, we pray for the new approach.

Jim Barnes

President, McAllen Tea Party